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Downloadable Recipes


Recipes mentioned in the book are downloadable in PDF format. 
I've added a few bonus recipes too!


Beans in a Crock Pot
Whether you're making chili or bean soup, the crock pot is the way to go. This is your one stop recipe for bean soup, black beans, split pea, chili and refried beans.


Italian Salad Dressing
Homemade salad dressing is so much better than store-bought!  Lemon is the key; well, that and the fact that you leave out the mono and di-glycerides!

Beans Fresh from the Garden

If you grow your own beans or green beans, you have to try this yummy recipe.

Tips on how to heat up any leftovers; even french fries or pizza.


This is the best way to make broccoli that is tasty and doesn't need butter.
Satisfy your craving for Mexican food without piling on so many calories.


Chip Dip
This chip dip is made with nonfat plain Greek yogurt and tastes better than sour cream dip.


Pizza with Polenta Crust
Here's an easy way to make tasty and gluten free pizza.
Chocolate Chip Cookie - Guilt-Free
I call this, "Dying for Chocolate Chip Cookie." It's basically microwaved oatmeal with chocoloate chips. But it sure hits the spot! 
Pizza with Cauliflower Crust
And here's another way to make gluten free pizza! Actually, I don't care about gluten-free. I make this because it doesn't leave me feeling overly full and it's a great way to get more vegetables in my diet.


I love growing my own soy beans to make fresh edamame. It's way cheaper than frozen edamame from the grocery store.


Salmon - Broiled or Grilled
This is how I make tasty salmon filets on my charcoal grill or in my toaster oven. It's all about the garlic!


Eggs - Easy to Peel Boiled Eggs
One of the best ways to make easy to peel eggs.


Salmon - Herb Crusted Fish
I love this recipe. You can use this crust recipe on all sorts of fish and  you can make it Paleo-style!


Eggs - Deviled Eggs
Low calorie and ymmy deviled eggs will satisfy your craving for something sweet.


Smoothie - Peanut Butter
Who doesn't love peanut butter at 3 in the afternoon? 
Eggs - Scrambled the Easy Way
This is how I make scrambled eggs in the microwave. It cuts down on dirty dishes and is super fast.


Smoothie - Fruit Smoothie
Here's how to make a fruit smoothie with any kind of fruit.
Fruit Salad
The best fruit salad recipe ever!  The key is fresh figs.


Sweet Potato Fries
Skip the potato chips and satisfy your carb craving with sweet potatoes.
Greek Yogurt - Homemade
I like to make my own yogurt to save money. And here's how to turn any plain yogurt into Greek yogurt.


Tomatoes - Stewed Tomatoes
Whether you grow your own tomatoes or pick them up at the farmers' market, this is a wonderful summertime treat.
Hummus from Scratch
You can use canned garbanzos if you like.  But I prefer dried garbanzos to avoid tin cans which are often lined with PBA chemicals.


Turkey Soup from Left-overs
The best way to deal with Thanksgiving leftovers and get your healthy lifestyle back on track.