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Limited Edition

This is the last of some very popular fragrances.
When they're gone, they're gone.

Please be patient while I work on this page. I'm still adding items to it. If you would like to order any of these, give me a call. They will all be 25% off the regular price of $15/5ml and $19/10ml. That comes out to $11 and $14.

Vanilla Butter
Eau de Parfum
A Nice Warm Hug
This is a rich and buttery good old-fashioned vanilla. Vanilla is used in aromatherapy for its relaxing and romantic effect. It is believed to help with depression and grief, sadness and to promote serenity.

Secret Garden 
Eau de Parfum
I love this fragrance but it's been discontinued by the manufacturer's no  point in keeping it in my perfume collection.
A strong, sexy floral blend with notes of sandalwood, jasmine and rose. This intriguing scent contains a note of baby powder.


Plum Crazy
Eau de Parfum
Try it and tell me what you think. If there's enough demand for it, I'll add it to my regular collection of scents.
Fresh spunky plums mingled with a touch of spices and a zing of plum spirits


Sweet Grass
Eau de Parfum
I love this fragrance but it's been discontinued by the manufacturer's no  point in keeping it in my perfume collection.
Let it take you to your happy place! An earthy herbal scent that smells great by itself or combined with other scents.


Vanilla Floral


Rose Bouquet  
Formula LM
Sandalwood Light

Formula BB

Lilac "Garden" MC
Groovy Patchouli White Gardenia Bouquet


Neroli (Orange Blossom)
Eau de Parfum
I hate when my favorite fragrances get discontinued by the manufacturer! There's  no  point in keeping this in my perfume collection if I'm going to run out soon.
 Neroli   is intensely floral, citrusy, sweet and exotic. It is used to ease feelings of depression and sadness, combat grief, support peace and encourage happiness.

Bayberry Spice
Eau de Parfum

I love this fragrance at Christmastime. But it's been discontinued by the manufacturer's no  point in keeping it in my perfume collection.
Bayberry Spice  Is a great scent for the holidays. It is warm and spicy with strong clove notes. It brings back Christmas memories.



What's a ml?
The abbreviation for milliliter is ml.
A milliliter is 1/1000 of a liter or the amount in a big bottle of soda.
In the fragrance world, oils are measured in such tiny amounts 
that our fraction system gets too messy. 1ml = ~ 1/32 oz. and 2ml is 
about  1/16 oz. See what I mean?

Oils are pretty powerful and need to be combined with other 
oils (carrier oils) to make them safe to put on your skin.
This is why pure oils are sold in such tiny quantities.

How many drops you get out of a milliliter of any given oil depends 
on the viscosity of the oil and whatever you consider a drop to be! 
I give the drops measurements only to give you some idea of the 
number of applications you might get out of a bottle of oil.

The wavy thingy ~ means "approximately."

Milliliter Chart 

1ml = .27 dram
 ~20 drops
10ml = 1/3 oz 
2 t. or ~200 drops


2ml = .54 dram
 2.3 ml = 5/8 dram
15ml = oz
1 T. or ~300 drops


3ml = .8 dram 30ml = 1 oz
2 T. or ~600 drops


3.7ml = 1 dram 59ml = 2 oz. 
1/4 cup


5ml = .17 oz
1 t.  ~100 drops


89ml = 3 oz
just under 1/3 cup
118ml = 4 oz. = cup


It's okay to call me to place your order.
If you're in La Crosse, ask about curb side pick up.
Use my secure website cart or call me or
email me at cherihaug@aol.com