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Perfume, Children's Cologne, Fragrance for Children & Dogs in La Crosse Wisconsin - SHIPPING IS FREE. Shop for organic essential oils, conventional essential oils and fragrances in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  Free samples with every purchase!
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Fragrance for Children

Choose your fragrance and your free mini perfume too!


10ml Roll-On or Spray Cologne for Children
10ml-color-gradient-essential-oil-bottles-2.jpg (80589 bytes)
10ml Rainbow Roll-On Silver Cap
3 3/8" x 3/4"    85mm x 20mm
oll-ons contain fragrance oil combined with organic jojoba oil. 
Nothing else is added.
10ml-spray-bottles-essential-oils-for-kids-for-dogs-la-crosse.jpg (61990 bytes)
10ml Colorful Spray Bottles
4 1/2" x 1/2"    112mm x 12mm
Spray cologne contains fragrance oil with organic witch hazel
 & organic cane alcohol.
Nothing else is added.

 Children's Cologne come with:

~a complimentary pocket fragrance in a
purple roll-on  or droplet bottle in 
blue, purple, pink or green 

~and an organza bag to store your fragrance

1ml-essential-oil-bottles-4-colors-removebg-preview.jpg (70033 bytes)


1ml-purple-roller-ball-essential-oil-bottle-removebg-preview.jpg (31304 bytes)

organza-bags-for-essential-oils.jpg (218624 bytes)

Children's Cologne $12
Choose your fragrance and your complimentary pocket fragrance


Children's Cologne
Spring Time in a Bottle
It reminds me of playing in the forest of lilac bushes at my grandparents’ house.


Lily of the Valley
Children's Cologne
  Delicate and fresh like early spring.
It brings back memories of picking a tiny bouquet of flowers to give to my Mom.


Rose Petals 
Children's Cologne
Who doesn't love roses?.


Secret Garden 
Children's Cologne
A floral blend with notes of sandalwood, jasmine and rose with a hint of baby powder.


gardenia-fragrance-oil-essential-oil.jpg (48620 bytes)

Children's Cologne
Pleasantly sweet just like the real thing.

Orange Blossom
Children's Cologne
 Orange blossom is also known as Neroli. It is intensely floral, citrusy, sweet and exotic.


lemon-fragrance-perfume-la-crosse.jpg (109542 bytes)
Children's Cologne
Sweet lemon without the pucker. This lemon scent is bright and citrusy with a hint of sweet as a top note, but not too sweet. It's very satisfying and rather addictive.


Children's Cologne
The scent is sweet and lovely and true to real Jasmine flowers.

Children's Cologne
A Nice Warm Hug

This is a rich and buttery good old-fashioned vanilla. 

violet-perfume-la-crosse-wisconsin.jpg (46677 bytes)

Children's Cologne
A delicate, warm violet fragrance. Top notes of lilac, carnation and jasmine. Mid notes of violet, lily of the valley with just a hint of rose. Light musk and powder at the base.

Lavender Fields
Children's Cologne
Lavender Fields is a more flowery version of Lavender made complex with other floral scents. It's truly lovely
with top notes of calming lavender and fresh ozone and soft woody undertones.

Baby Powder
Children's Cologne
A delicate, light, fresh air fragrance with top notes of clean ozone, muguet and citrus. Middle notes of lilac, classic jasmine, lilac and a delicate rose. Gentle woody, violet and powder notes at the base. I REALLY like this!


Blue Raspberry
Children's Cologne
Ooh! This one is nicer than I expected! Even though it's fruity, it makes for a lovely perfume. It's a crisp, pungent raspberry scent with top notes of fresh berries, ozone, green, raspberry, cranberry, citrus and pineapple with nuances of banana. Mid notes are carnation, lilac and jasmine with musk at the base.


dragons-Blood-fragrance-oil-la-crosse-wisconsin.jpg (68549 bytes)
Manchurian Dragon
Children's Cologne
A scent of fruity delights with crisp top notes of pineapple and peach infused with a blend of citrusy orange. Find traces of rose, wood violet and carnation in mid-notes adding zest that settles into yummy vanilla cream blended with oakmoss and sweet musk.

Sugar Plum
Children's Cologne
Sugar Plum  is loved by both girls and boys. This spicy fruit scent is especially wonderful for the holidays.

Frankincense & Myrrh
Children's Cologne
Rich resinous base notes topped with Peru balsam and amber for a bit of sweetness. Subtle and nice.

Red Clover Tea
Children's Cologne
This is a delicious herbal tea scent, delicately sweet with notes of fruit. It is unique and wonderful!

Candy Cane
Children's Cologne
Candy Cane is a strong, refreshing and candy-sweet peppermint fragrance sure to put you in the holiday spirit.
amber-fragrance-oil-essential-oil.jpg (48256 bytes)
Children's Cologne
 Warm amber undertones combine with woodsy notes with just a hint of upper floral tones.

pomegranate-childrens-perfume-cologne-la-crosse.jpg (41134 bytes)
Children's Cologne
This sweet, exotic fruit, is fresh with a slight floral hint. It matures into a lovely strawberry scent.


plum-jam-childrens-cologne-in-la-crosse.jpg (37606 bytes)
Plum Crazy
Children's Cologne
Fresh spunky plums mingled with a touch of spice.

Roll-Out Cookies
Children's Cologne
This yummy fragrance is somewhat flour-like and sweet like a mixing bowl full of dough. Together with its smooth, silky and creamy blend of champa, earth, vanilla and heliotrope it reminds me of sugar cookies.

What's with all the fruity foodie scents?
I've sold aromatherapy jewelry for the last two years and found that more than half adults and almost all children chose a scent that they enjoyed smelling. They weren't interested in what they wanted to smell like. They picked a scent that they enjoyed bringing to their nose at every opportunity.

  fresh-cut-roses-perfume-in-la-crosse.jpg (29778 bytes)
Fresh Cut Roses
Children's Cologne
This floral bouquet begins with leafy green top notes leading  to a heart of roses, geraniums and carnations The dry is a soft violet musk.



Children's Cologne
The scent of blackberries is a subtle, semi-sweet favorite that is a very refreshing.

Always test for skin sensitivity prior to use. Any perfume may cause skin irritation  on some individuals. Contact with eyes should be avoided. 

What's in the bottle?
In doing a deep dive into what goes into perfumes for babies and children I was horrified!  Big time perfume designers offer super expensive fragrances for children and babies.  They contain stuff like this:  PEG-40, Sodium Benzoate, Butylene Glycol, 1,2-Hexanediol, Caprylyl Glycol, Tartaric Acid, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane,  dicaprylate/dicaprate,  bht,  tocopherol, caprylic/capric triglyceride, steareth-21, dimethicone, microcrystalline cellulose, 1 , 2-hexanediol, steareth-2, sodium polyacrylate, propanediol,  chlorphenesin, caprylhydroxamic acid, sodium hyaluronate.

Now, I don't know what all that stuff is, and it's probably harmless. But speaking as someone who needs to know the ingredients in gas station capuccinos, I'd think twice before spritzing this stuff on my baby.

How do you make a spray perfume without all the junk? 
Perfumes contain fragrance oil and of course, oil doesn't mix with water.  In order to make a perfume sprayable, the oil must be dissolved in something like alcohol. Alcohol is nice because it evaporates right away leaving behind only the fragrance of the perfume oils. The most common diluent used in perfumes is perfumers' alcohol. But I've found a couple of ways to get around that. 
Read about perfume oils

Spray Cologne with Silky Cyclomethicone 
Cyclomethicone can be used in place of alcohol as a base for perfumes. It goes on dry unlike other perfume bases which need to evaporate first.  It has the ability to leave the skin feeling silky. You will find it in cosmetics, sun screen, lotions, hair care products, lip gloss and room sprays.
Click here to learn more about cyclomethicone.

Spray Cologne with Moisturizing Myristate
Isopropyl Myristate (IPM) also works well as a base and it has the ability to lubricate and soften the skin.  It is alcohol free and is a common ingredient in eye make up, nail care products and shaving products. 
Click here to learn more about isopropyl myristate. 
Spray Cologne with Organic Witch Hazel Distillate
A third option is organic witch hazel. Organic witch hazel contains 14 to 15% ethyl alcohol from organic cane. The alcohol serves to prevent spoilage and to dilute the fragrance oil thus making for a sprayable perfume. 
Click here to learn more about organic witch hazel.

Spray Cologne with Glycerin
Shake! Shake!
And finally, if you don't mind shaking the perfume with each use, I can make your child's cologne with organic glycerin and purified water.  When shaken, the glycerin combines with the oil and stays suspended in the water for a minute or two rather than separating out immediately like oil. The glycerin also softens the skin.

Take Your Pick
I've chosen organic witch hazel for my children's line of spray perfumes because it is the simplest to use and the most natural choice. If you would like to try a cologne made with a different base than witch hazel, just ask. The price is the same.

Roll-On with Organic Jojoba Oil
Unlike spray bottles, oils work nicely in roll-ons. The perfume oil mixes easily with the jojoba oil.  If you prefer organic liquid coconut oil in 
place of jojoba in a roll-on, let me know.
Read about jojoba oil  Read about liquid coconut oil

Caution: Glass Bottles
The bottles are glass and should be kept away from young children. The roll-on bottles are pretty solid and unlikely to break if dropped. The spray bottles however are a bit thinner glass. I recommend that you purchase the spray bottles only if they will be used by a parent or a responsible teenager.

It's okay to call me to place your order.
If you're in La Crosse, ask about curb side pick up.
Use my secure website cart or call me or
email me at cherihaug@aol.com