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Dogs & Essential Oils

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Please donít use essential oils without first consulting your vet. Many oils may actually be harmful to pets.

If there are any oils you would like to try, let me know and I will make up the appropriate dilution for you. I sell oils in really small bottles so you can try a lot of things without spending a lot of money. I use grape seed oil to dilute my essential oils.

Oils should not be placed on your pet. Essential oils for pet aromatherapy need to be diluted to a 1% solution. My oils are sold for aromatherapy and should not be considered food grade.

Many issues that dogs have can be addressed with the inhalation of diluted essential oils. Essential oils should be used only to address a concern and not to prevent a health issue. Do not add essential oils to your dogís food or drinking water unless your veterinarian has advised it AND the oil is sold as food grade. Do not use essential oils with puppies under 10 weeks of age.

When offering essential oils to your dog, pre-select 3-5 essential oils from the safe list which you believe to be the most effective for the issue that needs addressing. Once you know which ones your dog prefers, you can then dilute accordingly. You can either use a diffuser or let your dog smell the essential oil on your hands.


If you also own a bird, fish, or cat, be aware that these animals may have adverse reactions to oils (either immediately or over time). Stop the use of essential oils if you notice your dog has an adverse reaction. Undiluted or high percentages of essential oils can overwhelm your dogís sense of smell, cause systemic sensitization and irritate the skin or lungs.

Essential Oils Considered Safe for Dogs:

Lavender is used for stress, fear and agitation. It is calming and can help with separation anxiety and conditioning pets to a safe space. It may help allergies, insomnia, car ride anxiety and car sickness.

Geranium is used for anxiety.

Tangerine is used for calming and is uplifting during stress.

Other essential oils that are considered safe for dogs include Lemongrass, Patchouli and Peppermint.

Spikenard (Nardostachys jatamansi) is grounding and calming. It can heal deep wounds, whether physical or emotional in nature, and is very helpful with PTSD.

Bergamot  can help balance emotions by soothing panic, snappiness, depression, frustration, irritability, anxiety and PTSD.

Frankincense ( promotes a calm state of mind and slows breathing during times of stress and fear.

Sweet Marjoram is relaxing can help with grief.

Tangerine is used for calming and is uplifting during stress.

Ylang Ylang has a sedative action. It can soothe nervousness and insecurity, and it has been studied to help with nervous bladder issues

Diffusing Essential Oils

 When using a diffuser be sure to diffuse in well-ventilated areas for short periods of time. Fifteen minutes for one or two times daily can be sufficient. With good ventilation, 1-2 hours in larger open areas may be alright.

Do not use essential oils with birds, fish, reptiles in the area.