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Face Mask Purifier

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What Is It and Does It Work?
Mask purifer is a combination of essential oils, water and alcohol.
It can obviously help and it's better than nothing.
It hasn't been FDA or CDC or WHO approved because I don't have the money or the time to do double blind studies. Why do I think it'll work?

Here's What We Know
~The CDC advises that face masks should be cleaned after each use. Citation
~The best way to clean a mask is to wash it and dry it in a hot dryer. Citation
~Corona virus might only live 24 hours on cloth. One study cited by the World Health Organization, WHO,  found that Corona on cloth dies in 24 hours but this is dependant on the fabric and temperature and humidity. Logically then, if you have one mask to  wear to work and one sitting at home to quarantine for 24 hours, you'd be safe. Citation     Citation
~Heat kills Corona virus. Citation
~ Alcohol also kills Corona Virus. Citation
~70% alcohol is better than 99% because it doesn't evaporate as fast and can stay in contact with the germs longer. Citation
~Drinking alcohol doesn't prevent Covid. (Dang!)  Citation
~The more exposure to the virus, the higher the risk of getting covid-19 and the higher the severity of symptoms.  Citation  and Citation

Here's Reality
Iíve made hundreds of face masks.  I recommend that my customers wash masks daily or at least a couple of times a week in the laundry or in the kitchen sink. And on the days they can't wash it I advise that they should iron their mask with a hot steam iron. I've talked to a lot of people about how they clean their masks and here's what I've found:
~Most people donít clean their masks at all.
~About half the people I talk to don't own an iron.
~A lot of people just keep their mask hanging from the rear view mirror, never taking it in the house to clean it.

Common Sense Tells Us:
~Something is better than nothing. If you're not going to wash or iron your mask to kill the virus, it can't hurt to reduce the viral load on your mask.
~If alcohol can kill the virus on our hands and surfaces, it should be able to kill it on cloth masks. This of course depends on the saturation.
~Covid-19 is dose-dependant. Viral load is a factor in whether or not you get sick from exposure to the Corona virus. Viral load is also a factor in how sick you get.

Can Essential Oils Kill Corona Virus?
Maybe. A study done in India in 2017, long before the advent of the corona virus, found that a combination of Eucalyptus globulus, Cinnamon, Rosemary and carrot seed essential oils significantly reduced viral units for H1N1 and HSV1. Citation
This formula is found in my Cinna-Mask formula.

There are studies and a lot of claims that various essential oils are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and even anti-viral. But since we have no research showing that essential oils can kill this specific virus, we need to stick with what we know: Corona can be killed with the passage of time, heat or alcohol.

So Why Put Essential Oils
in a Mask Purifier?
Various essential oils have properties that may help with stress, immunity, nausea and headaches to name a few. Plus they smell nice!