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Cork Bracelets

Cork is grown in Portugal and is vegan friendly and sustainably grown. Harvesting cork does not harm the trees and doesn't hurt the animals either! The wide, flat cork is available in natural (blond), light coffee, dark coffee and black. Round cork comes in natural, light coffee, dark coffee and black. I'm always adding new items and new colors to my work bench! 


cork-big-round-toggle-bracelet.JPG (220791 bytes)
Light Coffee Cork Bracelet with Big Silver Toggle  
Style 1A 
circle-toggle-500.jpg (86751 bytes)
Dark Coffee Cork Bracelet with Big Silver Toggle  
Style 1B
blue-namaste-bracelet-2.JPG (196280 bytes)

blue-namaste-bracelet.JPG (102935 bytes)
Riveted Namaste Bracelet On Blue Ethnic Fabric With E-Clasp

e-clasp-silver-flat-natural-cork-2.JPG (174784 bytes)

e-clasp-silver-flat-natural-cork.JPG (137601 bytes)
Natural Cork Bracelet With Silver E-Clasp And Thin Silver Sliders  


cork-denim-bracelet.JPG (144505 bytes)

cork-denim-bracelet-back-side.JPG (148168 bytes)
Natural Cork And Denim Bracelet Detail
Front and Back


cork-denim-bracelet3.JPG (220822 bytes)
Natural Cork And Denim Bracelet With Butterfly Or Daisy Slider
The cork is under-laid with silver that peeks through giving it a rustic look.  
swirl-slider-coffee-cork.JPG (197559 bytes)
Light Coffee Cork Bracelet With Silver Swirl Slider
horse-shoe-cork-vegan-leather-bracelet.jpg (71161 bytes)
Horse Shoe Clasp
Vegan Cork  Bracelet
all-in-one-cork-silver-1.JPG (121860 bytes)
Cork Vegan Bracelet With Silver All-In-One Clasp  
braided-cork-vegan-bracelet.jpg (78575 bytes)
Braided Triple Wrap Cork 
Vegan Bracelet
  tree-bracelets.jpg (323382 bytes)
Tree Bracelets on Cork
Natural and Dark Coffee Cork
half-cuff-hook-cork.JPG (168617 bytes)
Silver Half Cuff Hook on Round Cork.
Also available in round leather.
butterfly-clasp-cork.JPG (223308 bytes)
Butterfly Clasp on Natural Flat Cork
cork-3strand-celtic-circle.JPG (135211 bytes)
Celtic Circle on 3 Strands of Round Cork
Natural and Dark Coffee Cork
floral-circles-cork.jpg (137432 bytes)
Floral Circles on Cork
Natural Cork, Dark Coffee Cork
t-clasp-slider-bracelets.JPG (151884 bytes)
T-Clasp Bracelets Shown With Natural Cork On The Left And Dark Brown Real Leather On The Right
Darker cork or black leather are also available.
self-knot-1.JPG (114781 bytes)
Self-Knotted Cork Bracelet
with X sliders
oval-toggle-hook-500.jpg (74821 bytes)
Oval Toggle Bracelet
on Micro Suede  Vegan Leather
bronze-hammered-1.JPG (119009 bytes)
Bronze hammered Slider Bracelet
with Dark Coffee Cork
big-heart-toggle-cork-bracelet.JPG (185175 bytes)

big-heart-toggle-cork-bracelet-2.JPG (107683 bytes)
Natural Cork Bracelet With Big Silver Heart Toggle  


triple-x-cork-bracelet.jpg (76053 bytes)
Triple X Cork Bracelet

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