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Mother Bracelets
Grandmother Bracelets
Questions? Call or email me!
It's okay to call me to place your order.
I screen calls so it's best to text first or 
leave a message and I'll call right back
unless I'm driving, teaching, sleeping or grouchy.

Please provide me with the EXACT measurement of your wrist and I will make sure it fits.
Giving me the measurement of a favorite bracelet won't help and I won't be able to guarantee the fit.

mother-bracelet-front.jpg (126349 bytes)
The mother bracelet features 8mm Swarovski crystals in birth stone colors. 
The birth stones are surrounded by 8mm white Swarovski crystal pearls.
This bracelet is the perfect keepsake for any mother, grandmother or daughter.

The base price of the mother bracelet is $23 and includes up to 3 birth stones. Each additional birth stone adds $1.60 to the base price. If you have fewer than 3 children or grandchildren, you might want to add clear crystals to frame the birth stone or add the birthstones of the parents or other family members or select any other colors you like.

Here's how to order:
Step 1: Make your stone selection below in the order you want them to appear on your bracelet.
Select only the stones you need, leaving the other boxes without a selection.
Step 2: Select your price based in the number of birth stones selected.
Step 3: Measure your wrist exactly and provide this measurement
 in the message box when you check out or just email me.
Do you need more than 12 birth stones? Do you have questions?
 No problem! Just call or email me! 





Birth Stone Earrings
birthstone-earrings-bottom-pearl.jpg (71572 bytes) birthstone-earrings-bottom-crystal.jpg (78540 bytes)
Matching earrings are available in hooks, clip-ons or posts.
Birthstone Earrings Style #1
The 8mm Swarovski pearl is topped with a 4mm Swarovski crystal in your choice of birth stone colors. 


Birthstone Earrings Style #2
A 4mm white Swarovski pearl sits atop an 8mm Swarovski crystal in your choice of birth stone colors.



Mother and Grandmother Necklaces

The base price of the mother necklace is $38. This price includes up to 3 birth stones and any size up to 18". Add $1.60 for each additional birth stone and add $1.45 per inch for sizes more than 18".


Fur Baby Birth Stone Bracelets
fur-baby-bracelet.jpg (111506 bytes)
   chloe-and-tiny-teddy-4.jpg (131076 bytes)

We love our fur babies just like they are our kids. Feel free to add your pets' birthstones to your mother bracelet above.
Or let me design a pet bracelet made with the birth stones of your dog, grand-dog, kitty or grand-kitty.

fur-baby-detail-2.jpg (72348 bytes)  
The fur baby bracelet above has my birthstone and Chloe's. For a little more bling, 
I added clear crystals on either side of our birth stones. I placed a Yorkie charm next to the clasp.

For a rescue animal with an unknown birth date, you can use your pet's adoption date for the birth date. 
Or you might choose instead the Clear AB (more sparkly than Clear Crystal) or any other color you like. 
I  have many animal charms to choose from. To order your charms,
visit my charm website to make your choice and add it to your  order.
Both sites use the same shopping cart making it easy to go back and forth without losing your cart.


Austrian Crystal Birth Stone Colors

garnet austrian crystal.jpg (13542 bytes) siam-crystal.jpg (14152 bytes) light siam austrian crystal.jpg (13298 bytes) Note that garnet can be a little too dark when it's next to lighter colors. So for the sake of a nicer design, people usually go with a lighter red.
January - Garnet   January - Siam January - Light Siam  
amethyst swarovski crystals.jpg (14279 bytes) light amethyst swarovski crystal.jpg (12864 bytes) aquamarine swarovski crystals.jpg (12801 bytes) clear-crystal-swarovski.jpg (11627 bytes)
February - Amethyst February - Light Amethyst    March - Aquamarine April - Clear Crystal
emerald austrian crystals.jpg (15433 bytes) alexandrite-austrian-crystal.jpg (9429 bytes) ruby swarovski crystals.jpg (18110 bytes) peridot austrian crystal.jpg (13170 bytes)
May - Emerald June - Alexandrite July - Ruby
August - Peridot
sapphire blue austrian crystals.jpg (16614 bytes) rose-austrian crystal.jpg (14019 bytes) topaz-satin-austrian-crystal.jpg (10474 bytes)
September - Sapphire October - Rose November - Topaz
blue zircon austrian crystal.jpg (15699 bytes) capri blue austrian crystal.jpg (16067 bytes) opaque-turquoise-crystal.jpg (7731 bytes)
December - Blue Zircon December - Capri Blue December -  Turquoise December -  Opaque Turquoise



I have a wide variety of dog, cat, heart, love, hobby, religion and inspiration charms to add to your mother bracelet. 
Charms average about $3.  Choose your charms from my other website,
A2ZCharms.com. Both sites use the same shopping cart so you are free to go back and forth between them.

Take a peek at some of the charms you will see on my other website




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