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Yoga Eye Pillow Set

Questions? Call or email me!
It's okay to call me to place your order.
I screen calls so it's best to text first or 
leave a message and I'll call right back
unless I'm driving, teaching, sleeping or grouchy.

Made in America 
~Free lavender bud sachet with every eye pillow set!
~Hand made by me in La Crosse, Wisconsin
~Free rhinestone on your pillow case! (Scroll to the bottom.)
Curbside Pick Up:
If you are in La Crosse, 
save money with curbside pick up!

Design Your Eye Pillow Set
(and pick a fragrance too!)   

Check Out Page Is Secure!

This eye pillow set features a pillow case made with Black Metallic Floral cotton fabric on one side and Brown Watercolor flannel on the other. The gray eye pillow inside is filled with organic flax seed and the black eye pillow is filled with rice. Both eye pillows are freezable and microwaveable. A lavender bud sachet is included with the set and can be slipped inside the pillow case after microwaving an eye pillow.

Keep one eye pillow in the freezer for headaches, eye bags, migraines and hangovers. The other one can be your hot pillow.

black-flora-eye-pillow-set-3.JPG (170612 bytes) black-flora-eye-pillow-set-2.JPG (218217 bytes)
Choose a print fabric for one side of the pillow case and a flannel for the other side. Then choose two solid fabrics for the eye pillows. More fabric designs are on the next page.
teal-glitter-eye-pillow-1.JPG (186429 bytes)   teal-glitter-eye-pillow-4.JPG (225771 bytes)
This pillow case has Teal Glitter fabric on the front and Aqua Waves flannel on the other side.
teal-glitter-eye-pillow-2.JPG (178757 bytes) teal-glitter-eye-pillow-3.JPG (230710 bytes)
The rice eye pillow is made with teal cotton and the flax eye pillow is made with Turquoise cotton.
bubbles-white-eye-pillow-2.JPG (164016 bytes)
In this example the front of the pillow case is Bubbles on White and the reverse is Lime Green Flannel. The flax seed eye pillow is deep purple and the rice filled eye pillow is bright yellow.
bubbles-white-eye-pillow-1.JPG (156955 bytes) bubbles-white-eye-pillow-3.JPG (190653 bytes)


Pillow Case Fabric

There are more designs on page 2



face-masks-stars-on-blue.jpg (58497 bytes)
 Light Blue Sky
Pillow Case

glitter-stars-on-black-face-mask-material.jpg (89351 bytes)
Black with Glitter Stars
Pillow Case
Puppies & Kitties
playful-pups-face-mask-fabric.jpg (253922 bytes)
 Playful Pups
Pillow Case
DSC08518.JPG (154334 bytes)

Pillow Case
tie-dyed-packed-cats-face-mask-fabric.jpg (312400 bytes)
Rainbow Cats
Pillow Case
made-in-la-crosse-wisconsin-usa-rainbow-dogs-cloth-face-masks.jpg (247747 bytes)
Rainbow Pups
Pillow Case
DSC08571-glitter-swirl-teal.JPG (140431 bytes)
Teal Swirl with Glitter

Pillow Case

face-mask-brown-oil-slick.jpg (195699 bytes)
Oil Slick

Pillow Case
pink-daisies-face-mask-fabric.jpg (261260 bytes)
Pink Daisies

Pillow Case

purple-daisies-face-mask-american-made.jpg (260403 bytes)
Purple Daisies
Pillow Case
DSC08526.JPG (149885 bytes)
Yellow and Orange Flower

Pillow Case

DSC08529.JPG (157060 bytes)
Turquoise Daisies

Pillow Case

cream-rust-navy-floral.JPG (226028 bytes)
Cream Rust and Navy Floral
Pillow Case
face-mask-cream-red-roses.jpg (262201 bytes)
Cream with Red Roses

Pillow Case

black-metallic-blooms-face-mask-fabric.jpg (221247 bytes)
Black Metallic Large Floral

Pillow Case

black-yellow-metallic-bouquet-fce-mask-fabric.jpg (251389 bytes)
Black Metallic Bouquet
Pillow Case

blue-on-blue-flowers-face-mask-fabric.jpg (224518 bytes)
Blue Tonal Flowers
Pillow Case
blue-flowers-and-vines-face-mask-fabric.jpg (224237 bytes)
Blue Flowers & Vines
Pillow Case

Vines & Leaves
green-_leaves-face-mask-fabric-la-crosse.jpg (196136 bytes)
Aqua Green Metallic Vines

Pillow Case

face-masks-made-in-america-gray-metallic-vines.jpg (163052 bytes)
Gray Metallic Vines
Pillow Case
white-on-white-vines-face-mask-fabric.jpg (121324 bytes)
White on White Filigree
Pillow Case
blue-face-mask-feathers.jpg (267971 bytes)
Blue Feathers
Pillow Case
face-mask-gray-feathers.jpg (124996 bytes)
Gray Feathers
Pillow Case
Paint Splatters

paint-splatter-brown-face-masks-for-men.jpg (221913 bytes)
Paint Splatters in Brown
Pillow Case

Paint Splatters in Yellow
Pillow Case
  paint-splatter-light-blue-face-masks-for-men.jpg (225851 bytes)
Paint Splatters in Blue
Pillow Case
paint-splatter-purple-face-masks-for-men.jpg (268652 bytes)
Paint Splatters in Purple
Pillow Case
Unicorns & Sharks
face-mask-for-kids-unicorns.jpg (103743 bytes)
Pillow Case
sharks-face-mask-fabric.jpg (81623 bytes)
Baby Sharks
Pillow Case
There are even more flannel choices on page 2!

Flannel for the Back of the 
Pillow Case

facemask-black-flannel.jpg (84845 bytes)
Pillow Case Flannel 
white-flannel-face-mask-fabric.jpg (93114 bytes)
Pillow Case Flannel 
face-mask-camel.jpg (165075 bytes)
Pillow Case Flannel 
cloth-face-covering-cream-ivory-fabric.jpg (122905 bytes)
Pillow Case Flannel 
vibrant-orange-flannel-face-masks.jpg (127040 bytes)
Pillow Case Flannel 
face-mask-chocolate.jpg (161853 bytes)
Pillow Case Flannel 
made-in-the-usa-prism-pink-light-face-mask-flannel-fabric.jpg (119755 bytes)
(Light Pink) Prism Pink
Pillow Case Flannel 
red-chili-pepper-face-mask-flannel.jpg (92933 bytes)
Red Chili Pepper
Pillow Case Flannel 
face-mask-lilac.jpg (146408 bytes)
Pillow Case Flannel 
DSC08537.JPG (122686 bytes)
Pillow Case Flannel 
face-mask-paisley-purple.jpg (164830 bytes)
(Purple) Paisley Purple
Pillow Case Flannel 
facemask-purple-flannel.jpg (174405 bytes)
Deep Purple
Pillow Case Flannel 
powder-blue-flannel-face-mask.jpg (108487 bytes)
(Blue) Powder Blue
Pillow Case Flannel 
navy-flannel-face-mask.jpg (100622 bytes)
Navy Blue
Pillow Case Flannel 
face-mask-skydiver-blue-flannel.jpg (64731 bytes)
Blue Sky Diver
Pillow Case Flannel 
ocean-depths-teal-face-mask-flannel.jpg (175316 bytes)
(Teal) Ocean Depths
Pillow Case Flannel 

face-mask-blue-radiance.jpg (125475 bytes)
Blue Radiance Turquoise
Pillow Case Flannel 

aguarius-blue-face-mask-flannel.jpg (146141 bytes)
Blue Aquarius 
Pillow Case Flannel 
face-mask-jasmine-green.jpg (175230 bytes)
(Green) Jasmine Green
Pillow Case Flannel 
   face-mask-hunter.jpg (143584 bytes)
(Green) Hunter Green
Pillow Case Flannel 
Plaids & Dots
DSC08506.JPG (144791 bytes)
Blue and Gray Plaid
Pillow Case Flannel 
face-mask-blue-plaid-flannel.jpg (241141 bytes)
Blue Plaid
Pillow Case Flannel 
DSC08520.JPG (136917 bytes)
Grey Tiles
Pillow Case Flannel 
cloth-face-mask-hand-made-navy-blue-mini-plaid.jpg (207459 bytes)
Navy Blue Mini Plaid
Pillow Case Flannel 

Fabric for the
flax pillow and the rice pillow
I do have more shades of these colors and will make sure that no matter what color you pick, I'll give you the shade that works the best with your pillow case.

white-flannel-face-mask-fabric.jpg (93114 bytes)
Inner Eye Pillow Fabric 
cloth-face-covering-cream-ivory-fabric.jpg (122905 bytes)
Egg Shell
Inner Eye Pillow Fabric 
black-cotton-poly-face-mask-for_summer.jpg (85175 bytes)
Inner Eye Pillow Fabric 
gray-broadcloth-face-mask-lining.JPG (172847 bytes)
Inner Eye Pillow Fabric 
pale-yellow-broadcloth-face-masks-for-women-men.jpg (144272 bytes)
Inner Eye Pillow Fabric 
packers-gold-broadcloth-lining-face-masks-fabric.jpg (138195 bytes)
Inner Eye Pillow Fabric 
orange-face-mask-broadcloth.jpg (118212 bytes)
Inner Eye Pillow Fabric 
coral--cotton-face-mask.jpg (120000 bytes)
Inner Pillow Fabric
plum-berry-face-mask-broadcloth.jpg (104852 bytes)
Plum Berry
Inner Eye Pillow Fabric 
red-broad-cloth-face-mask-lining-2.JPG (158146 bytes)
Inner Eye Pillow Fabric 

purple-broadcloth-face-mask.jpg (144400 bytes)
Inner Eye Pillow Fabric 
pink-face-mask-broadcloth.jpg (129824 bytes)
 Bright Pink
Inner Eye Pillow Fabric 
navy-cotton-poly-face-mask-for_summer.jpg (100353 bytes)
Navy Blue
Inner Eye Pillow Fabric 
royal-blue-face-mask-fabric.JPG (171159 bytes)
Dark Royal Blue
Inner Pillow Fabric
sky-blue-face-mask-fabric.JPG (30894 bytes)
Sky Blue
Inner Eye Pillow Fabric 
 icy-blue-cotton-poly-face-mask-for_summer.jpg (63327 bytes)
Blue Ice
Inner Eye Pillow Fabric 
french-blue-face-mask-lining.JPG (154527 bytes)
French Blue
Inner Eye Pillow Fabric 
(A darker shade of Icy blue)
turquoise--broadcloth-face-mask.jpg (128524 bytes)
Inner Eye Pillow Fabric 
green-bay-green-face-mask-broadcloth.jpg (123275 bytes)
Inner Eye Pillow Fabric 
ocean-depths-teal-face-mask-flannel.jpg (175316 bytes)
Peacock Green 
Inner Pillow Fabric


grren-grass-green-broadcloth-face-mask.jpg (141630 bytes)
Grass Green
Inner Eye Pillow Fabric 

lime-green-face-mask-cotton-lining.JPG (165263 bytes)
Lime Green
Inner Pillow Fabric

olive-green-broadcloth-lining-face-mask.jpg (158645 bytes)
Olive Green
Inner Eye Pillow Fabric 
avocado-green-face-mask-broadcloth-fabric.jpg (139400 bytes)
Avocado Green
Inner Eye Pillow Fabric 


sage-green-broadcloth-face-mask.jpg (153509 bytes)
Sage Green
Inner Eye Pillow Fabric 

Eye Pillows for the La Crosse Area
Proudly serving the communities of 
La Crosse, Wisconsin,
 La Crescent, Minnesota, Stoddard, 
Holmen and Onalaska. I'm conveniently 
located near Gundersen Hospital, 
a few blocks north of Mormon Coulee Road
and South Avenue.

crystals-studs-for-face-masks.JPG (126512 bytes)
Crystals are all 4mm
 Top row: Swarovski clear crystal rhinestone, blue rhinestone, gold rhinestone, 5mm gold domed stud,  gold beaded flat stud, 8mm gold star

Bottom row: pink rhinestone, red rhinestone, turquoise rhinestone, 6mm silver domed stud,  silver beaded flat stud, 8mm silver star
crystal-rhinestones-for-womens-face-mask.JPG (136909 bytes)
Top Row: Jonquil, amethyst, emerald

Bottom row: sapphire, peridot, ruby