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Yoga Eye Pillow Set

Questions? Call or email me!
It's okay to call me to place your order.
I screen calls so it's best to text first or 
leave a message and I'll call right back
unless I'm driving, teaching, sleeping or grouchy.

The set includes
~Pillow case with soft flannel on one side
~One pillow filled with Organic flax seed and
~One pillow filled with rice
~Free lavender bud sachet
~Free rhinestone on your pillow case! (Scroll to the bottom.)
Curbside Pick Up:
If you are in La Crosse, 
save money with curbside pick up!

 Design Your Eye Pillow Set
(and pick a fragrance too!)   

Check Out Page Is Secure!

bubbles-white-eye-pillow-2.JPG (164016 bytes)
In this example the front of the pillow case is Bubbles on White and the reverse is Lime Green Flannel. The flax seed eye pillow is deep purple and the rice filled eye pillow is bright yellow.
bubbles-white-eye-pillow-1.JPG (156955 bytes) bubbles-white-eye-pillow-3.JPG (190653 bytes)
Bandana and Paisley
denim-blue-bandana-fabric-14-face-mask-fabric.jpg (233758 bytes)
Denim Blue Bandana
Pillow Case
golden-brown-bandana-face-mask.jpg (258497 bytes)
Golden Brown Bandana
Pillow Case
black-bandana-face-mask-fabric.jpg (222857 bytes)
Black Bandana
Pillow Case

 turquoise-bandana-face-mask-fabric.JPG (242745 bytes)
Teal Bandana
Pillow Case

cobalt-blue-bandana-face-mask-fabric.JPG (244713 bytes)
Cobalt Blue Bandana
Pillow Case

black-paisley-indonesian-batik-face-mask-fabric.jpg (141322 bytes)
Black Paisley Batik
Pillow Case

teal-paisley-batik-face-mask-fabric-close-up.jpg (133928 bytes)
Turquoise Paisley Batik
Pillow Case
believe-dream-wish-shine-face-mask-fabric.jpg (276393 bytes)
Inspirations on Pink
Pillow Case
Believe, Play, Dream Big,
Wish, Shine, Be True,
Stay Magical, Sparkle, Glitter,
Gallop, Imagine,
Embrace Your Dreams,
Magical, Rainbow, Mystical
courage-inspire-amazing.JPG (311297 bytes)
Inspirations on Black
Pillow Case
 Smile, Inspire, Be Amazing,
Create, Count Your Blessings,
Speak Kindly, Celebrate.
Enjoy Life, Blissful, Be Happy,
Dream Big, Believe, Laughter,
Think, Enjoy, Peace,  Love,
We Are All Awesome,
Keep Calm, Believe in Yourself, 
Be Silly-Be-Happy-Be Honest.
Bubbles & Dots

bubble-dots-face-mask-fabric.jpg (214272 bytes)
Bubbles on White
Pillow Case


bubbles-black-face-mask-fabric.jpg (198777 bytes)
Bubbles on White
Pillow Case
lavender-polka-dots-face-mask.jpg (185575 bytes)
Lavender Polka Dots
Pillow Case
navy-blue-mini-plaid-cotton-face-mask.jpg (205547 bytes)
Navy Mini Plaid
Pillow Case
This is a really nice fabric.
The design is woven in
rather than printed on 
the fabric. It's expensive
and I waited 2 months
for it to go on sale!
brick-red-mini-plaid-face-mask-fabric.JPG (229789 bytes)
Brick Red Mini Plaid
Pillow Case
This too is a really nice fabric.
The design is woven in
rather than printed on 
the fabric. It's a little more
brown than the photo shows.

face-mask-pea-green-plaid.jpg (192820 bytes)
Olive Green Plaid
Pillow Case

brown-mini-plaid-face-mask-fabric.JPG (309228 bytes)
Brown Mini Plaid
Pillow Case

brown-black-nine-iron-plaid-face-masks-for-men.jpg (199937 bytes)
Black and Brown Plaid
"Grid Iron"
Pillow Case
blue-gridlines-face-mask-fabric.jpg (203521 bytes)
Blue Gridlines 
Pillow Case
face-mask-navy-check.jpg (190634 bytes)
Navy Blue Checks
Pillow Case

French Blue Cross Hatch
Pillow Case
DSC08528.JPG (160726 bytes)
Turquoise Dragonflies
Pillow Case
face-mask-green-dragonflies.jpg (109688 bytes)
 Green Dragonflies
Pillow Case
  face-masks-light-blue-dragonflies.jpg (90654 bytes)
Light Blue Dragonflies
Pillow Case
face-masks-sundrenched-dragonflies-on-purple.jpg (88015 bytes)
 Sun Drenched Purple
Pillow Case

face-masks-navy-blue-dragonflies.jpg (101376 bytes)
Navy Blue Dragonflies
Pillow Case

coral-dragonflies-face-masks.jpg (310655 bytes)
Coral Dragonflies
Pillow Case
made-in-america-face-mask-sun-drenched-dragonflies-turquoise.jpg (179400 bytes)
Sun Drenched Dragonflies
On Turquoise
Pillow Case
coral-yellow-dragonflies-face-masks.jpg (170840 bytes)
Coral & Yellow Dragonflies
Pillow Case
lavender-dragonflies-face-mask-fabric.jpg (271329 bytes)
Lavender Dragonflies
Pillow Case
white-on-white-dragonflies-face-mask-fabric.jpg (94238 bytes)
White on White Dragonflies
Pillow Case
DSC08574.JPG (125747 bytes)
Pink Butterflies
Pillow Case
sundrenched-blue-butterflies-face-covering-fabric.jpg (233763 bytes)
Blue Sun Drenched 
Pillow Case
american-made-gray-watercolor-butterfly-face-mask.jpg (161005 bytes)
Gray Watercolor
Pillow Case
teal-butterflies.jpg (197022 bytes)
Teal Watercolor
Pillow Case

Tonal & Shadows

face-mask-lavender-marble.jpg (166609 bytes)
Lavender marble
Pillow Case
face-masks-made-in-wisconsin-green-stone-washed-fabric.jpg (143664 bytes)
Stone Washed Green
Pillow Case
black-shadows-face-mask-american-made.jpg (179810 bytes)
Black Shadows
Pillow Case


navy-blue-shadows-face-mask-fabric.jpg (71228 bytes)
Navy Blue Shadows
Pillow Case
DSC08573.JPG (128435 bytes)
Pink Hearts
Pillow Case
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Flannel for the Back of the 
Pillow Case

Dogs, Cats & Bees
bull-dogs-turquoise-face-mask-flannel.jpg (227927 bytes)
Bulldogs in Bandanas 
on Turquoise
Pillow Case Flannel
chihuahua-taco-dogs-face-mask-fabric.jpg (198834 bytes)
Chihuahuas and Tacos
on Turquoise
Pillow Case Flannel
dachshunds-wiener-dogs-gray-face-mask-fabric.jpg (162073 bytes)
Dachshunds on Grey
Wiener Dogs
Pillow Case Flannel
dogs-with-scraves-gray-face-mask-fabric.jpg (162672 bytes)
Border Collie
Pyrenees, Mastiff
St. Bernard, Mutt
Sheep Dog, Kuvasz
Burmese Mountain Dog
Something Doodle?
french-bull-dog-face-mask-fabric.jpg (168554 bytes)
French Bull Dogs
on Grey
Pillow Case Flannel
labrador-retriever-on-red-labs-face-mask-fabric.jpg (174415 bytes)
Labrador Retrievers
on Red
Yellow Labs
Chocolate Labs
Pillow Case Flannel
DSC08521.JPG (126633 bytes)
Gray with Dogs
Eye Pillow
Pillow Case Flannel
stylish-pup.jpg (76108 bytes)
Mint Green Stylish Pups
Eye Pillow
Pillow Case Flannel


yorkies-face-mask-fabric-dogs-puppies.JPG (225219 bytes)
Eye Pillow
Pillow Case Flannel
DSC08581.JPG (130770 bytes)
Coffee Cups
Eye Pillow
Pillow Case Flannel


stylish-pup.jpg (76108 bytes)
Mint Green Stylish Pups
Pillow Case Flannel 
DSC08521.JPG (126633 bytes)
Gray with Dogs
Pillow Case Flannel 
DSC08523.JPG (121809 bytes)
Pink with Kitties
Pillow Case Flannel 
DSC08525.JPG (138633 bytes)
Cream with Cats
Pillow Case Flannel 
baby-face-mask-bumble-bees.jpg (164775 bytes)
Baby Bumble Bees
Pillow Case Flannel 
Waves & Shadows
american-made-face-masks-grey-waves.jpg (93963 bytes)
Gray Waves
Pillow Case Flannel 
handmade-face-masks-wisconsin-grey-shadows-flannel.jpg (137883 bytes)
Grey Shadows
Pillow Case Flannel 
DSC08582-aqual-swirl-flannel.JPG (116414 bytes)
Aqua Waves
Pillow Case Flannel 
made-in-america-face-mask-brown-watercolor-flannel.jpg (125818 bytes)
Brown Watercolor
Pillow Case Flannel 
Dots, Hearts & Stars
pink-face-mask-polka-dots.jpg (190253 bytes)
Pink Polka Dots
Pillow Case Flannel 
made-in-the-usa-face-mask-watercolor-hearts.jpg (202429 bytes)
Rainbow Hearts
Pillow Case Flannel 
american-made-face-masks-blue-stars-flannel-fabric.jpg (213446 bytes)
Blue Stars
Pillow Case Flannel 
made-in-america-face-mask-fireworks-flannel.jpg (212993 bytes)
Pillow Case Flannel 

Fabric for the
flax pillow and the rice pillow
I do have more shades of these colors and will make sure that no matter what color you pick, I'll give you the shade that works the best with your pillow case.

white-flannel-face-mask-fabric.jpg (93114 bytes)
Inner Pillow Fabric 
cloth-face-covering-cream-ivory-fabric.jpg (122905 bytes)
Egg Shell
Inner Pillow Fabric 
black-cotton-poly-face-mask-for_summer.jpg (85175 bytes)
Inner Pillow Fabric 
gray-broadcloth-face-mask-lining.JPG (172847 bytes)
Inner Pillow Fabric 
pale-yellow-broadcloth-face-masks-for-women-men.jpg (144272 bytes)
Inner Pillow Fabric 
packers-gold-broadcloth-lining-face-masks-fabric.jpg (138195 bytes)
Inner Pillow Fabric 
orange-face-mask-broadcloth.jpg (118212 bytes)
Inner Pillow Fabric 
coral--cotton-face-mask.jpg (120000 bytes)
Inner Pillow Fabric
plum-berry-face-mask-broadcloth.jpg (104852 bytes)
Plum Berry
Inner Pillow Fabric 
red-broad-cloth-face-mask-lining-2.JPG (158146 bytes)
Inner Pillow Fabric 

purple-broadcloth-face-mask.jpg (144400 bytes)
Inner Pillow Fabric 
pink-face-mask-broadcloth.jpg (129824 bytes)
 Bright Pink
Inner Pillow Fabric 
navy-cotton-poly-face-mask-for_summer.jpg (100353 bytes)
Navy Blue
Inner Pillow Fabric 
royal-blue-face-mask-fabric.JPG (171159 bytes)
Dark Royal Blue
Inner Pillow Fabric
sky-blue-face-mask-fabric.JPG (30894 bytes)
Sky Blue
Inner Pillow Fabric 
 icy-blue-cotton-poly-face-mask-for_summer.jpg (63327 bytes)
Blue Ice
Inner Pillow Fabric 
french-blue-face-mask-lining.JPG (154527 bytes)
French Blue
Inner Pillow Fabric 
(A darker shade of Icy blue)
turquoise--broadcloth-face-mask.jpg (128524 bytes)
Inner Pillow Fabric 
green-bay-green-face-mask-broadcloth.jpg (123275 bytes)
Inner Pillow Fabric 
ocean-depths-teal-face-mask-flannel.jpg (175316 bytes)
Peacock Green 
Inner Pillow Fabric


grren-grass-green-broadcloth-face-mask.jpg (141630 bytes)
Grass Green
Inner Pillow Fabric 

lime-green-face-mask-cotton-lining.JPG (165263 bytes)
Lime Green
Inner Pillow Fabric

olive-green-broadcloth-lining-face-mask.jpg (158645 bytes)
Olive Green
Inner Pillow Fabric 
avocado-green-face-mask-broadcloth-fabric.jpg (139400 bytes)
Avocado Green
Inner Pillow Fabric 


sage-green-broadcloth-face-mask.jpg (153509 bytes)
Sage Green
Inner Pillow Fabric 

Eye Pillows for the La Crosse Area
Proudly serving the communities of 
La Crosse, Wisconsin,
 La Crescent, Minnesota, Stoddard, 
Holmen and Onalaska. I'm conveniently 
located near Gundersen Hospital, 
a few blocks north of Mormon Coulee Road
and South Avenue.

crystals-studs-for-face-masks.JPG (126512 bytes)
Crystals are all 4mm
 Top row: Swarovski clear crystal rhinestone, blue rhinestone, gold rhinestone, 5mm gold domed stud,  gold beaded flat stud, 8mm gold star

Bottom row: pink rhinestone, red rhinestone, turquoise rhinestone, 6mm silver domed stud,  silver beaded flat stud, 8mm silver star
crystal-rhinestones-for-womens-face-mask.JPG (136909 bytes)
Top Row: Jonquil, amethyst, emerald

Bottom row: sapphire, peridot, ruby