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Organic Essential Oils for Dogs

Please read up on oils for dogs before ordering. Click here.
Organic Essential Oils for Dogs in La Crosse Wisconsin - SHIPPING IS FREE
Shop for organic essential oils, conventional essential oils and fragrances in La Crosse, Wisconsin. 

Pure essential oils are powerful and can overwhelm your pup's olfactory system.
These sprays contain pure essential oils combined with organic glycerin
and distilled water. Nothing else is added.

Please be careful in introducing your dog to essential oils.
 Click here to learn more.

I've researched the heck out of this topic and can't find a source that I would consider to be an authority on the subject. However, what most sources agree on are the following principles:

1. You should consult your veterinarian before trying oils with your dog.

2. Never use or diffuse essential oils if there is a cat or fish in the house. Cats are not able to metabolize essential oils.

3. In general do not apply oils to the dog's fur or paws. There are exceptions so talk to your vet first. Instead, apply oils to bedding or your hands.

4. Oils should be diluted at 1%. Dogs have zillions more olfactory nerves compared to us. We don't want to overwhelm them.

5. Let your dog smell the diluted oil on your hands and observe her or his reaction to it. 

6.  If your dog seems comfortable with the smell, spray the diluted oil on bedding. Just one spritz will do. Don't try to coat the bed.

7. These sprays are for aromatherapy and not meant for use as a deodorizer or perfume.

 If you prefer a roll-on which has the oil dissolved in organic jojoba oil let me know. Of course, because it's oil, it can leave a stain. You can either wash the bedding later or apply the oil in an inconspicuous place. I bottle and blend oils individually for each order and can make your oil any way you want. The price will be the same.

Effective ways to use the topical spray or roll-on:
~Apply spray or roll-on to your fingertips and gently massage dog’s ear flaps or chest
~Lightly mist bedding and your clothing or apply the roll-on to your wrist.

Organic Essential Oils for Dogs

4 5/8" x 1/24"    117mm x 13mm

~One squirt is all you need~

~pure essential oil
~pure organic glycerin
~and plain ol' distilled water.

Each Shake-n-Spritz for dogs includes:

~a complimentary pocket essential oil

~an informational booklet about your oil

~an informational booklet about dogs and oils

~and an organza bag to store your oil

To order more pocket oils visit my "About" page.

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1ml-purple-roller-ball-essential-oil-bottle-removebg-preview.jpg (31304 bytes)

1ml-essential-oil-bottles-pink.jpg (96542 bytes)
booklets-essential-oil-properties.JPG (139955 bytes)

organza-bags-for-essential-oils.jpg (218624 bytes)


bergamot-organic-essential-oil-la-crosse-wisconsin.jpg (57615 bytes)
Product Details
Bergamot Essential Oil
Bergamot  has been used to help dogs with panic, snappiness, depression, frustration, irritability, anxiety and PTSD.
frankincense-organic-essential-oil-la-crosse-wisconsin.jpg (65985 bytes)
Product Details
Frankincense Essential Oil
Frankincense may help to calm your dog's mind and slow her breathing during times of stress and fear.
geranium-organic-essential-oil-la-crosse-wisconsin.jpg (45963 bytes)
Product Details
Geranium Essential Oil
for Stress
Geranium is calming and helps with moodiness, anxiety, fear or insecurity. 

Click to read more
Lavender Essential Oil

For Stress, Depression, Insomnia, calm, anxiety and sleep. Lavender may help your doggie with fear, agitation, shyness and shock. Lavender can also help with separation anxiety, insomnia, car ride anxiety and car sickness.
lemongrass-organic-essential-oil-la-crosse-wisconsin.jpg (40043 bytes)
Product Details
Organic Lemongrass
Essential Oil
For Stress & Insomnia
organic-marjoram-essential-oil-la-crosse-wisconsin.jpg (47879 bytes)
Product Details
Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil
Promotes restful sleep,
strengthens a sense of emotional security, is relaxing and can help with grieving dog who's lost her or his buddy.
(This oil is not available in an organic version.)

Product Details
Patchouli Essential Oil
Patchouli is said to help 
relieve anxiety, depression, fatigue and is even said to curb addiction. This oil has lifts one's mood, supports immune function, calms inflammation and eases discomfort of dry, irritated skin.

Product Details
Organic Fair Trade
Peppermint Japanese Essential Oil
(Grown in India)
For Mood & Focus

tangerine.jpg (29768 bytes)
Product Details
Tangerine Essential Oil
Tangerine may help a dog who is irritable, sad or stressed  out.
Tangerine is used for calming your pup during stress.
(This oil is not available in an organic version.)
ylang-ylang-organic-essential-oil-la-crosse-wisconsin.jpg (43297 bytes)
Product Details
Organic Ylang-Ylang
Essential Oil
Pronounced ee-lahng in Filipino
Ylang Ylang is helpful with anxiety, stress and depression.
Ylang Ylang has a sedative action. It can soothe a nervous and insecure dog and may help with nervous bladder issues.

In order to make essential oils sprayable, I can't use jojoba oil because it's too thick. The oils have to be dissolved in perfumer's alcohol, cyclomethicone, isopropyl myristate or witch hazel  that contains alcohol. All of these are safe and evaporate almost immediately and are found in a lot of cosmetics, perfumes, hair care products and canine products. 

But hey! 

Why not just make the spray as natural as possible even 
if it means you'll have to shake the bottle every time?

It's okay to call me to place your order.

Use my secure website cart or call me or
email me at cherihaug@aol.com