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Bottles, Carrier Oils,
Tools, Labels, Funnels


Empty Bottles 

2ml-blue-essential-oil-bottle-with-reducer.jpg (29908 bytes)

2ml Blue 
Droplet Bottle 
1 1/8" x 5/8"
26mm x 16mm   
1ml-vial-clear-bottle.jpg (6037 bytes)
1ml Clear
  Sample Vial
  1 3/4" x 1/4"
  41mm x 8mm  

1ml-purple-roller-ball-essential-oil-bottle-removebg-preview.jpg (31304 bytes)
1ml Purple Roll-On Bottle
1 1/8" x 1/2" 
30mm x 15mm

5ml-blue-essential-oil-bottle-reducer.jpg (77466 bytes)
5ml Blue Droplet Bottle
2 1/4" x  3/4"
58mm x 22mm
5ml-blue-essential-oil-bottle-silver-dots.jpg (18469 bytes)
5ml Roll-On, 
Silver Star Light Cap
67mm x 18mm
2 5/8" x 5/8"
5ml-sleek-roll-on-bottle-fragrance-la-crosse.jpg (30912 bytes)
5ml Square
Roll-On Bottle
with Silver Starlight Cap
58mm x 17mm
2 1/4" x 5/8"
9ml-blue-essential-oil-bottle-silver-dots.jpg (36703 bytes)
10ml Blue Roll-On Bottle
with Silver Starlight Cap
86mm x 20mm
3 3/8" x  43/4"

10ml-matte-silver-blue-bottle-essential-oils-la-crosse.jpg (28779 bytes)
10ml Blue Roll-On Bottle
with Matte Silver Cap
86mm x 20mm
3 3/8" x  43/4"


15ml-boston-bottle-silver-dropper.jpg (43316 bytes)
1/2oz. 15ml Blue Boston Bottle
92mm x 25mm
3 1/2"  x 7/8"Tall

15ml-boston-bottle-silver-dropper.jpg (43316 bytes)
2 oz. 60ml Blue Boston Bottle
with Dropper
These are big! they hold 1/4 cup.
120mm x 39mm
4 1/2" x  13/8"
35ml-eternal-flame-clear-perfume-bottle.jpg (28170 bytes)
1.25 oz. 40ml
 3 1/2" tall 85mm
Limited Edition 


egyptian-perfume-bottle-blue.jpg (26804 bytes)egyptian-perfume-bottle-gold.jpg (33836 bytes)egyptian-perfume-bottle-green.jpg (27741 bytes)egyptian-perfume-bottle-pink.jpg (33034 bytes)
egyptian-perfume-bottles.JPG (123090 bytes) blue-egyptian-perfume-bottle.JPG (34102 bytes)
pink-egyptian-mouth-blown-glass-perfume-bottles.JPG (63327 bytes) green-egyptian-mouth-blown-glass-perfume-bottles.JPG (49050 bytes)
gold-egyptian-mouth-blown-glass-perfume-bottles.jpg (43358 bytes) blue-egyptian-mouth-blown-glass-perfume-bottles.JPG (46457 bytes)
One of a Kind 
Egyptian Blown Glass Perfume Bottles
Including the stopper, these adorable little perfume bottles range from 3 1/2" to 3 3/4" tall and hold about 7ml of perfume. Along with your unique bottle, you'll get a 10ml bottle filled with your favorite eau de parfum, a dropper, a booklet about your fragrance and a pretty organza bag. You can also choose a complimentary pocket fragrance.

Reading from left to right, choose from pink #1 through #7 and so on. If you there's a fragrance on the fragrance page and it's not listed in  the drop down menu, choose the last item "something not listed" and send me a message when  you check out. Or you can call me or email me with your selection. I'm always adding new items to my collection and it's hard to keep up! 
Choose Any Blown Glass Perfume Bottle



Organic Carrier Oils
Use these oils with essential oils or perfume oils
15ml-boston-bottle-silver-dropper.jpg (43316 bytes) Choose Carrier Oil
Organic Jojoba Oil
2 oz. $12
Organic Liquid Coconut Oil
2 oz. $5


Organic Jojoba Oil
2 oz. $12
Jojoba carrier oil is a liquid plant wax that solidifies at cool temperatures, and is known to be similar to the sebum of human skin. Rich in Vitamin E, it promotes a radiant complexion. Jojoba oil has a barely detectable slightly nutty scent which doesn't seem to alter the fragrance of any of the essential oils. Even though it costs three times as much as coconut, it is my preferred carrier oil because it hasn't been messed with. 
Read about Organic Jojoba Oil
Organic Liquid Coconut Oil
2 oz. $5
(also known as fractionated coconut oil)
Liquid coconut carrier oil is a very versatile oil which is able to form a barrier on the skin while quickly being absorbed. It has no scent and is the preferred carrier oil for most essential oil companies.
Read about Organic Coconut Oil

For more info about carrier oils, click here

Perfume Carriers
This is what you need if you prefer not to use oil. 
These perfume carriers evaporate quickly leaving only the scent behind. Choose Carrier
2oz. Bottle of Perfumers' Alcohol
2 oz. Bottle of Cyclomethicone
2oz. Bottle of Isopropyl Myristate


About Perfumers' Alcohol
Perfumers' alcohol blend is widely used in the professional perfume industry.  It allows you to make your own perfume, cologne, room spray & after bath spray! Perfumers' alcohol is 200 proof and ready to use out of the bottle.


15ml-boston-bottle-silver-dropper.jpg (43316 bytes)
Cyclomethicone for Perfumes
Cyclomethicone is an alcohol-free, clear, colorless, odorless, silicone liquid used as a carrying agent for personal care products. Some fragrance oils will separate so always shake your perfumes before using.  It works great as an alcohol-free dry perfume base for both roll-ons and atomizers. Cyclomethicone spreads easily & creates excellent lubrication on skin. It imparts a soft, silky feel and is often used in lotions & creams to add a "powdery", non-greasy feel.
Read about Cyclomethicone


IPM Isopropyl Myristate:
IPM is a great alternative to Perfumers' Alcohol. It is clear and odorless and has no alcohol odor. It is a very useful emollient widely used in skin care products. It can also be used as a fragrance fixative by helping to delay evaporation on the skin.  
Read about Isopropyl Myristate
15ml-boston-bottle-silver-dropper.jpg (43316 bytes)
Funnels, Droppers & Labels
funnels-for-essential-oils-la-crosse.JPG (131983 bytes)        
Plastic Funnels for Essential Oils $.50
Wash funnel with dish soap after each use. Essential oils can dissolve most plastics.
dropper.jpg (6128 bytes)
Glass 1ml Dropper $1.50
labels-pastel-for-essential-oils.jpg (129016 bytes) sharpie-pen-for-essential-oils.jpg (39863 bytes)
Set of 5 pastel labels with pen
120 half inch round for the tops or bottoms of essential oil bottles. You get one sheet of each color and a fine point black Sharpie pen.


 orifice-tool-essential-oils.jpg (51568 bytes)
Orifice Tool for Roll-On Bottles
$3.00 - $4.00
It's easy enough to press the roller ball into the bottle with just your fingers. But this handy tool is so cool! It reduces the risk of slipping and knocking your bottle over. The open U-shape is used to pry the roller ball off the bottle. The round holes are used to press the ball into the bottle until it snaps in place. Colors vary. It comes in aluminum or plastic.


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