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Glass Bead Making Studio

cheri-in-studio-1.jpg (172152 bytes)
Cheri getting ready to melt a stick of glass

glass-beads--gerri-rod-bead.jpg (56177 bytes)
Red hot and glowing green glass is applied to 
the white dots on a turquoise bead

lasses are by appointment only.

teach glass bead making in my studio in my home. Fresh air ventilation is necessary. If the weather is too cold to have windows open, then it's too cold to make glass beads.  Even if it's warm enough inside, the cool air coming in through the windows will shock the molten glass causing it to shatter. The earliest that classes can take place is late April or early May.
Class fee is $45 for one person, $5 extra to bring a friend 
and another $5 to bring a second friend. My studio can only accommodate a maximum of 3 people total.
 Each participant will go home with his or her own one-of-a-kind gorgeous

*The fine print*

If you are unable to see the flame and the glass to safely participate in this class, I will accommodate you by letting you be the designer and I'll make your beads. Likewise if you have any issues with your hands or arms such as arthritis, joint problems, stiff or missing fingers, shaking or trouble with eye-hand coordination, it may be impossible to properly manipulate the mandrel. I will be happy to make your beads.  You will go home with beads that are your unique designs that you can be proud of.  Watch the videos listed below if there is any doubt.

There is always a remote possibility of hot glass shattering and causing a tiny burn. Eye protection is required at all times and will be provided. No one under the age of 18 can be present. It is recommended that you wear natural fiber clothing such as jeans and a cotton shirt. Everyone attending must be a paying participant, i.e., observers are not permitted.

Bring a lunch and a beverage as class continues through the lunch hour and working closely with the torch tends to dry the throat.
Classes are two and a half  to three hours long.  Don't forget your camera or smart  phone! We'll take lots of pictures!!

There is no charge for rescheduling a class. Please give me at least 48 hours notice by phone. Don't count on my having access to
Face Book or e-mail please. If you use a credit card and decide to cancel rather than reschedule, your payment will be refunded minus $1 to cover credit card processing fees.

"Like" me on FaceBook at:

See the videos on YouTube at



cheri-melting-glass.jpg (49822 bytes)
To make a Christmas bead, we start by heating up a rod of white glass.
cheri-applying_glass-to-mandrel.jpg (48405 bytes)
Once we have 1/2" of melted glass, we apply it to the mandrel  turning the mandrel away from us as glass is laid down.
bead-in-flame.jpg (59973 bytes)
Now that glass is on the mandrel, we let it get nice and melty and it will try to form a sphere.  
cheri-spinning-bead.jpg (69461 bytes)
Gravity will cause some of the glass to sag downward, so we keep working it, turning it so that the fat glass is on top and let it sag downward. Before long, it will be nice and round.
cheri-applying-red-dots-to-white-bead.jpg (76067 bytes)
Next we melt the end of a glass rod so that we can apply red dots to the white bead along its equator.
applying-red-dots-to-white-bead.jpg (42166 bytes)
Note that red turns black when it's hot and the hottest part glows yellow in the flame.  White, on  the other hand simply turns clear. 

applying-green-dots.jpg (43092 bytes)
Then we melt a bit of green glass to place dots along the sides of the bead making sure they are lined up between the red dots.
spinning-white-bead-green-dots.jpg (39810 bytes)
 Now we let the bead cook as we slowly turn the bead in the flame. As with the white bead, the dots are drawn inward, toward the mandrel and flatten out a little bit. It's important to let the dots get nice and melty so that they adhere to the white bead. Otherwise, they'll pop off easily once the bead is cooled.
nad-lovely.jpg (63519 bytes)
Nad making a bead

christmas-1.JPG (153461 bytes)
Christmas Beads
amber-2-web.jpg (115799 bytes)
Amber's rocked at her
first glass class!
kathy-sanford-web-site.jpg (38475 bytes)
Kathy learning to
make beads

These are samples of what people have made in my  glass classes.
 Like they say in the diet commercials, "your results may vary!"

earth-tones-3.JPG (236089 bytes)
Earth Tones

white-purple-dots.jpg (276527 bytes)
White with Purple Dots

rwb-mix-web.jpg (108387 bytes)
Red White & Blue

blues-mix-web.jpg (112691 bytes)
Mix of Blues

purple-mix.jpg (270177 bytes)
Purples Mix


pink-green-web.jpg (95706 bytes)
Pinks & Greens


web-gerri-turq-lime.jpg (87402 bytes)
 Shades of Green


web-turq-lime-bead.jpg (72651 bytes)

friday-night.jpg (64968 bytes)
Friday night foolin' around.
The bumpy red bead with clear bumps (far right) didn't pop the way I intended. So l made a new one with white dots topped with clear bumps (center).
frit.jpg (75545 bytes)
Fooling with Frit. Frit is crunched up glass. I rolled the molten red bead in black and white frit. then I rolled the bead on a graphite paddle to flatten it out a bit. I didn't expect the dots of frit to turn into stripes! Way cool!  Then I encased the bead in clear glass.
lampworked-glass-bead-collection-6-12-15.JPG (195684 bytes)
lampworked-glass-bead-white-bluedots.JPG (107794 bytes)
Opalescent bead with transparent turquoise bumps
lampworked-glass-bead-cranberry-clear-dots.JPG (95606 bytes)
Cranberry bead with
clear bumps
glass-bead-earrings-bracelet.JPG (88375 bytes)     glass-bead-orange-pendant.JPG (327052 bytes)
We will make your choice of a pair of earrings or bracelet or pendant necklace.
glass-bead-silver-dust-2.JPG (58142 bytes)
Green bead with silver dust
black-and-white-glass-beads.jpg (70796 bytes)
Black & white series
featuring silver dust
big-bubble.jpg (484327 bytes)
A bead with a bubble of air captured inside

The glass used is called "effetre" or "moretti." No kiln is needed for this type of glass.