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Fall Craft Shows 2022

Logan High School Fall Craft Show, La Crosse, WI
Sat. 9:00 - 3:00

La Crosse Center Holiday Fair
Thu. 12-9, Fri. 12-9, Sat. 9-5, Sun. 10-3

Crucifixion Elementary School Holiday Craft Show
420 So. 2nd St., La Crescent, MN
Sat. 9-2


Winter Jewelry Parties

Open House Jewelry Party
at Cheri's

Enjoy a great bowl of soup with Fayze buns while you shop in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Bring a friend and get a free gift! If you're not on my email list, let me know.


Thursday 1 to 6 pm
Friday 1 to 6 pm
Saturday 11 am to 2 pm
Sunday by appointment only

My home on the south side of La Crosse

Workshop by Appointment

Classes are held in my home. Classes are for vaccinated adults only.
Proof of vaccination is required.

Earrings & Bracelets 1
Make as many as you want! I can accommodate up to 4 people.
Class is 2 1/2 hours long.


Metal Stamping
$45. Class size is limited to 1 lucky person. 

Call now! Operators are standing by!
(Just kidding!)


More Jewelry Classes

Lamp Work
Glass Bead Making Classes

Learn to make bumpy beads with glass and a torch!

Click here for details

This class is by appointment only and is held during the fall and spring months. There are no glass classes in the winter months when it's too cold to open a window for ventilation.


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All classes are offered by appointment too!


Earrings Class

Learn how to make a nice loop at the top of a head pin to attach your beaded dangle to the ear wire. $15 class fee includes materials to make 3 pairs of earrings. 
Class lasts one hour. 

By appointment 
Regularly scheduled classes will begin in January

Additional jewelry components and tools to take home
will be available for purchase.

All classes are offered by appointment too!

Stone Chip Bracelet Class

Stringing a bracelet is easy. Attaching the clasp is the where it gets interesting! In this class you will learn how to work with crimp beads and I'll show you how to make bracelets that fit perfectly.  The $25 class fee includes materials to make one gem stone chip bracelet.

By appointment 

green-stone-chip-aventurine-bracelet.jpg (91112 bytes)
All classes are offered by appointment too!

Mother Bracelet Class

A mother bracelet is the perfect Christmas gift for mom and grandma! It features genuine Swarovski crystal pearls and Swarovski birthstone crystals.

The $35 class fee includes all materials to make the bracelet pictured. There is a small fee for additional crystals and rhinestone spacer beads.  

Please get an exact wrist measurement of the person who will be wearing the bracelet. 
By appointment 


mother-bracelet-front.jpg (76961 bytes)
All classes are offered by appointment too!



Crystal Bracelet Class

Stringing a bracelet is easy. In this class you will learn how to work with crimp beads and I'll show you how to make bracelets that fit perfectly.  The $25 class fee includes materials to make one crystal bracelet.
By appointment 

Additional jewelry components and tools to take home 
will be available for purchase.


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crystal-bracelet-2.jpg (69515 bytes)


Linked Chakra Bracelet Class
& Metaphysics of Chakra Stones

Learn how to make links with beads and wire. this technique is also used to make earrings and to make rosaries. We will discuss chakras, what they are and how they work. You will also learn about the metaphysical properties of the stones on your bracelet.
By appointment 


linked-chakra-bracelet-bronze.jpg (71056 bytes)
linked-chakra-bracelet-silver.jpg (74255 bytes)linked-chakra-bracelet-gold.jpg (71533 bytes)

Chakra Pendulum Design Class

Learn about your chakras and how to  use a pendulum to determine which chakras may be out of balance. We will discuss using stones, yoga and color to rebalance the chakras.

I have a wide variety of crystals to choose from and will show you how to make your own pendulum. This wire wrapping technique can be used to make earrings too.

You will receive written materials about chakras, pendulums, stones and an organza bag to keep your pendulum safe.

The fee for the class is $15 plus the cost of supplies to make your pendulum. Pendulum components will cost between $15 and $30. You might also choose to make earrings too. Materials cost for earrings will be around $5.
By appointment 


chakra-pendulum-rose-quartz.JPG (63942 bytes)  chakra-pendulum-amethyst-pyamid.JPG (85135 bytes)
chakra-pendulum-linked-chain.jpg (49406 bytes)
Pearl Knotting
By appointment 
pearl-knotting.jpg (38575 bytes)
Jewelry Repair Event / Class

Are you missing one of your favorite earrings?
Do you have broken necklaces?
Is a bracelet clasp broken?
Bring your odds and ends to this repair event and let's see what we can do! Some repairs can be done while you wait. I can also teach you how to do your own repairs.
Click here for 
Jewelry Repair Event info

By appointment   

jewelry-repair-3.jpg (37598 bytes)

Eye Glass Holder Class

The beaded eye glass holder is made with tiny seed beads to keep it light weight and accented with larger beads for a little bling. The lanyard style shown below allows you to clip your reading glasses to the loop. The style on the right attaches to the bows of the glasses.
By appointment


eyeglass-holder-1.jpg (41855 bytes)
eyeglass-holder-2.jpg (96382 bytes)

Art Classes 
are not being offered at this time


Learn to Draw!

Wouldn't you just love to be able to make somethin' look like somethin'?  In this basic drawing class you will learn just that! ANYONE can learn to draw!

In this class you will receive personalized instruction and honest but gentle guidance.

Classes are offered by appointment. 

$30 per 2 hour session. Bring a friend for only $10 more.
Materials for your first two classes will be provided at no additional cost. Classes are available for anyone age 15 and up.

By appointment 


charcoal-portrait-4-web.jpg (181145 bytes)

Cooking Classes


Join the Sushi Club!
Learn to make sushi like a pro!

Discover the spicy sweetness of sushi! In this fun and yummy class you will learn to make sushi with raw sushi grade tuna, raw sushi grade salmon, cooked shrimp and crab, scrambled eggs, avocado and more. Emphasis is placed on impeccable cleanliness. You will learn how to pick a tender cut of tuna, how to make perfect sushi rice, how to choose the best wasabi, how to use chop sticks with proper sushi etiquette and you'll even learn a little Japanese. You will go home with a full belly and copies of my recipes. Adults only please. Don't forget to bring your camera or smart phone. B.Y.O.B.

Class fee is $45 per person including food. This class is open only to my FaceBook friends and those on my email list. I can accommodate up to 4 people.
Call now to make your reservation.

Charge by phone or use the cart below.

cheri-makiing-sushi-1.JPG (71931 bytes)

Dog Food Cooking Class

Ever wonder what really goes into pet food? Trust me, you don't want to know. After my last dog Latte' died of lymphoma, I wondered if it was the commercial foods and treats I was feeding her. I vowed that the next dog would eat better. That was 17 years ago...

Chloe has been raised on homemade dog food made with organic ingredients.  She's healthy and happy. Though she can no longer see due to cataracts nor hear, she has taken up running! She runs 17 blocks (1.03 miles) 3 or 4 nights a week! The vet said she's never seen a dog this old with such flexibility.

In this class you'll learn all my secrets to
making tasty and nutritious food that both you and your pup will enjoy! It takes about 5 minutes to assemble the ingredients and 15 minutes to cook while you go do something else.
Pretty easy!

Class fee is $20 and you'll take home the whole batch along with all of my recipes.

By appointment 

dog-food.jpg (126763 bytes)

Doggie Treat Christmas Presents

Let's make some yummy treats! On the menu will be Labby bites, Roll Out Cookies (in Christmas shapes) & Peanut Butter Cheerio Treats.

By appointment

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Chloe wants more!

Sewing Classes


Beginning Sewing class

I offer sewing classes for beginners. We can make a hand bag, hat or dog jacket. 

Classes are offered by appointment.

Click here for more details


Yoga, Chakras and Stones
& Other Woo-Woo Stuff


Chakras &
the Metaphysics of Gem Stones

By appointment 


Goal Setting Workshops and
Vision Board Classes

By appointment 


Procrastination Workshop
How to Get Organized and 
Get Shit Done

By appointment 


Health & fitness Classes
Rehab for Weight Loss

Regularly scheduled classes will begin in January

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See videos about how I make my glass beads!