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EZ Bracelet 


How to Use the "EZ Bracelet"


The "EZ Bracelet" bracelet sizer is a must for every beader.  

  • Make bracelets that fit the first time, every time!

  • No more re-stringing because it's the wrong size!

  • No more wasted beading wire!

  • No more wasted crimps!

  • No more wasted time!

Only $14.00 

Made of heavy roller polished vinyl for years of beading fun. It's easy to assemble too!

The perfect birthday present for your beading friends.

Lightweight, (only 2 oz.) and only 12" tall. Easy to take with you everywhere! And, because it is shipped unassembled (i.e. flat), it's cheap to mail to friends for Birthday presents! Postage will cost  about $5.50.

EZ Bracelet is a bracelet sizing mandrel.  Use it to size bracelets. Make a bracelet the right size! This is the only bracelet sizer tool for beaders!

ezbracelet-flat-WM.jpg (705953 bytes)

The EZ Bracelet is shipped flat and you assemble it with the self adhesive strip.

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How to Use it!


EZ Bracelet
7,181,858 & 7,322,119

ezbracelet-tall-WM.jpg (692251 bytes)
EZ Bracelet
by Cheri Haug
As Seen on Pinterest 


Available to bead stores at wholesale prices.  Call Cheri  for details.
To contact me, you can email me or get my phone number by going to this page. Click here.
We accept Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.


I'm the inventor of the EZ Bracelet and EZ Necklace and I hold two patents on it.  The EZ Bracelet product line is made right here in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

ez-bracelet-mini-1.jpg (28074 bytes)
EZ Bracelet Travel Size 


The Travel Size EZ Bracelet is the middle part of the larger version. So, it only measures bracelets from 5" to 8 3/4".  The larger one measures toddler size bracelets as well as adult anklets.
Both size of the EZ Bracelet are easy to take along on trips. Simply stuff some socks and things inside to keep it from getting squished!

To make permanent marks on your EZ Bracelet, use a Sharpie marker. 

To make temporary marks, use a Dry-Erase marker.



Here's How It Works
Here's an example of how it works:

how to 1.jpg (39409 bytes)
Heidi measured her wrist. It's about 6 1/2".


Question: Why is the bracelet 8" long but only fits around the 7" mark on the EZ Bracelet?

Answer: The beading wire is suspended through the holes in the beads. This means that the wire is not lying directly on the skin nor directly on the bracelet sizer. Instead it makes for a bigger circumference around the wrist and around the EZ Bracelet.  How big this circumference will be depends entirely on how big your beads are. By using 8mm beads in the example here, it made a difference of a whole inch in length! Smaller beads wouldn't make this much difference.



how to 3.jpg (129782 bytes)
She strung a bracelet and temporarily fastened the toggle on it by flattening the crimp beads. She made it to fit the 7" mark on the EZ Bracelet. She allowed the extra half inch so that it would fit comfortably and not be too snug.

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There's More!
How to Use it!





how to 2.jpg (18713 bytes)
Even though it fits around the 7" mark on the bracelet sizer, the bracelet is actually 8" long!
You just can't rely on a tape measure!

how to 4.jpg (64757 bytes)
Here it is on her wrist. You can see that by allowing an extra half inch, it fits at a comfortable position on her wrist.

Note that the 7" mark on the EZ Bracelet is exactly 7" around. In other words, it mimics a wrist of that size and takes the place of a person. So, when you try it on the EZ Bracelet, it's like trying it on a person's wrist. But remember to add half an inch or so. Otherwise it'll be too tight.  If we made Heidi's bracelet fit around the 6 1/2" mark, it would fit but be uncomfortable.


ez-bracelet-ez-necklace-mini-4.jpg (45684 bytes)