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Here's the problem:

This bracelet is 8" long.

bracelet-compr.jpg (16485 bytes)

But it will only fit around
a 7 1/4" wrist.


This is owing to the fact that the
diameter of the beads
adds to the diameter of the finished bracelet.
We beaders know all
about this problem.
It's frustrating!

Let the EZ Bracelet
solve this problem for you!

EZBracelet-WM-web.jpg (29617 bytes)


1. For an average 7" bracelet, cut 10" of beading wire (or 3" longer than the overall bracelet size)

2. Tape one end, string beads onto the wire and then tape the other end.
taped-compr.jpg (10965 bytes)

3. Choose a measuring line on the EZ Bracelet that will allow for easy muscle movement of the wrist. Typically, ˝" is sufficient. So, if your wrist measures 7", use the 7 ˝" line.

4. Hold the string of beads around the EZ Bracelet at the chosen line. Leave space for the clasp, usually about 3/4".
hands-compr.jpg (34422 bytes)


5. Determine whether you need to add or remove some beads.
un-taped-compr.jpg (11591 bytes)
6. Attach the clasp to the bracelet with crimp beads. BUT rather than crimping at this point, flatten the crimp beads with a chain nose pliers. (The pointy pliers with the smooth flat jaws.)

flat nose-compr.jpg (29818 bytes)

7. Place the assembled bracelet over the EZ Bracelet to see if it fits your chosen measurement line.

                  bracelet sizer-compr.jpg (21115 bytes)

8. If it fits, then go ahead and crimp the crimp beads with your crimping pliers.

9. If it still isn’t right, re-open the crimp beads using the outer jaw of the crimping tool, i.e., the jaw closest to the tip.  To do this, place the flattened crimp bead vertically in the outer jaw and squeeze gently. Remove the crimp, add or remove beads and try again.

crimper-compr.jpg (33651 bytes)