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Working with Chakra Energy to Lose Weight

by Cheri HaŁg


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About the Author


Cheri Haug  is certified by the American Council on Exercise as a weight loss and health coach and as a personal trainer. She is also a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor.

Cheri graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor of Science degree in Philosophy. She went on to graduate with a Juris Doctor degree from the University of San Francisco School of Law. She retired from the practice of law in 1996.

Her book, "Rehab for Weight Loss, a Humorous Approach to Getting Skinny and Healthy" is available on both Kindle and Nook.

Her writing has been published in "Living the Law of Attraction, Real Stories of People Manifesting Health, Wealth and Happiness" by Rich German, Robin Hoch and Bob Doyle (Indiana, 2008)


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