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Saw Cut Copper Jump Rings
Jump rings are made in the USA by the Jump Ring Lady
 Silver plated bright colors like pink, fuchsia, lavender, baby blue


18 Gauge Copper
Silvery Colored Jump Rings

20 Gauge Copper
Silvery Colored Jump Rings

Saw Cut Copper Jump Rings
 Your basics, like red, blue, purple, copper, black

18 Gauge
Regular Colored Jump Rings


20 Gauge
Regular Colored Jump Rings

Saw Cut Copper Jump Ring 

18 Gauge
Jump Ring Mixes

20 Gauge
Jump Ring Mixes

Anodized Aluminum Jump Rings

Rubber O Rings

Copper Jump Ring 
Color Chart
(Just the Copper Rings)

Aluminum Jump Ring 
& Wire Color Chart
(Just the Aluminum Rings)
You get the aluminum jump ring chart and ever color of aluminum wire.

Rubber O Ring Color Chart
(Just the Rubber Rings)
Get a sample of every color of rubber O rings that I sell.  Approximately 14 colors.
You'll get a sample of every color and size of rubber O rings.

color-chart.jpg (62639 bytes) 

Color charts are free with your $25 purchase of rings. Just mention the free offer in the comments when you check out.

  color-chart.jpg (62639 bytes) 

Copper Ring Chart $20 

Aluminum Ring Chart $15

Rubber O Ring Chart $15


Gold Plated
Brass Jump Rings


Silver Plated
Brass Jump Rings


ez_bracelet-_travel_size.jpg (75164 bytes)
Bracelet Sizers

blue-flag-blue-colored-copper-wire.jpg (17204 bytes)

Spools of
Copper Wire


Books & DVD's

Chain Maille Kits

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pink-ear-wires-with-sterling-bead.jpg (20377 bytes)

Colorful Ear Rings
Eye Pins


ear-wire-silver.jpg (9270 bytes)

Ear Rings

ear-wire-gold.jpg (11556 bytes)
Ear Rings
ear-wire-copper.jpg (11043 bytes)

Ear Rings



ear-wire-gun-metal.jpg (10080 bytes)

Gun Metal
Ear Rings


vintage-bronze-earwires-with-ball.jpg (10880 bytes)

Ear Rings

purple handle flat nose pliers.jpg (5877 bytes)



  Jump Ring Color Chart
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