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18 Gauge Colored Copper Craft Wire 
by the Spool
This copper craft wire is pure copper that is enameled with a colored enamel.
 It is then coated with a polyurethane and nylon mixture to protect the finish and prevent tarnish.  The silvery colors also have silver in the enamel making them brighter. The bare copper wire has no protective coating.
This wire is not intended for electrical use.

BASIC Copper Wire Colors
Black, Antique Copper, Vintage Bronze, Copper, Magenta, Red, Topaz Brown, Smokey Quartz,
Purple, Blue, Green, Evergreen, Amber, Kelly Green, Antique Gold (Bronze),
Burgundy, Deep Olive (Army Green).

Bright SILVERY Copper Wire Colors
Silver, Titanium, Amethyst, Fuchsia, Coral, Mint Sea Foam, Bright Olive Peridot
, Hot Pink,  Lavender, Tangerine Lemon Yellow, Baby Blue, Gold, Fuchsia, Pacific Blue, Flag Blue, Hematite Grey, Snow White, Champagne, Rose Gold.


18 Gauge Copper Wire
Small  spools: $3.40 and $4.25
200 ft. Spools: $25.50 and
wire-black.jpg (14917 bytes)     
Black Colored
Copper Wire 

 Silver Plated Copper Wire

silver wire.jpg (13399 bytes)
Non-Tarnish Silver 
 Silver Plated Copper Wire

Copper Wire 

Small Spools: 


Large Spools: 


topaz-brown-small_spool.jpg (23003 bytes)
Topaz Brown 
Copper Wire

wire-copper-natural-TR.jpg (17798 bytes)
Tarnish Resistant Copper
Copper Wire

Antique Copper
Copper Wire

Small Spools: 


Large Spools: 



wire-gun metal.jpg (18292 bytes)
Vintage Bronze
Copper Wire
(Matches Vintaj Products)

Antique Gold / Bronze
Copper Wire


Copper Wire

Small Spools:  


Large Spools: 



coral-copper-wire.jpg (124360 bytes)
Coral / Peach / Salmon
 Silver Plated Copper Wire

champagne-copper-wire.jpg (16940 bytes)
 Silver Plated Copper Wire

Tangerine / Orange
 Silver Plated Copper Wire

gold-20-gauge-wire-jrl.jpg (16577 bytes)
Non-Tarnish Gold 
 Silver Plated Copper Wire


Small Spools: 


Large Spools: 



Lemon Yellow
 Silver Plated Copper Wire

green-wire.jpg (24454 bytes)
Green Copper Wire

Bright Olive / Peridot / Lime
 Silver Plated Copper Wire

army-green-copper-wire.jpg (13962 bytes)
Deep Olive / Army Green
Copper Wire


Small Spools: 


Large Spools: 



pacific-blue-wire.jpg (18344 bytes)
 Pacific Blue  
 Silver Plated Copper Wire

Teal / Evergreen 
Copper Wire

Mint / Sea Foam
 Silver Plated Copper Wire


Small Spools:  


Large Spools: 



baby-blue-wire-jrl.jpg (22709 bytes)
Baby Blue
 Silver Plated Copper Wire

Dark-Blue Indigo Copper Wire.jpg (9576 bytes)

Blue Copper Wire

flag-blue.jpg (8107 bytes)
Flag Blue
 Silver Plated Copper Wire

wire-purple.jpg (14842 bytes)
Purple Copper Wire


Small Spools: 



Large Spools: 



 Amethyst Purple
 Silver Plated Copper Wire

lavender-wire.jpg (27994 bytes)
 Silver Plated Copper Wire

wire-burgundy.jpg (17380 bytes)
 Burgundy Copper Wire


Small Spools:  


Large Spools: 




fuchsia-copper-wire.jpg (18545 bytes)
 Silver Plated Copper Wire

Magenta Copper Wire



rose-pink-colored-copper-wire.jpg (19306 bytes)
Hot Pink
 Silver Plated Copper Wire

red-20-gauge-wire-jrl.jpg (17968 bytes)
Red Copper Wire

rose-gold-copper-wire.jpg (16267 bytes)
 Rose Gold / Pastel Pink
 Silver Plated Copper Wire

Small Spools: 


Large Spools:




 Inches  Inches Decimal
1/64   0.016 0.4
2/64 1/32 0.031 0.8
3/64 0.047 1.2
4/64 1/16 0.063 1.6
5/64 0.078 2.0
6/64 3/32 0.094 2.4
7/64 0.109 2.8
8/64 1/8 0.125 3.2
9/64 0.141 3.6
10/64 5/32 0.156 4.0
11/64 0.172 4.4
12/64 3/16 0.188 4.8
13/64 0.203 5.2
14/64 7/32 0.219 5.6
15/64 0.234 6.0
16/64 1/4 0.250 6.4
17/64 0.266 6.7
18/64 9/32 0.281 7.1
19/64 0.297 7.5
20/64 5/16 0.313 7.9
21/64 0.328 8.3
22/64 11/32 0.344 8.7
23/64 0.359 9.1
24/64 3/8 0.375 9.55
25/64 .3906 10mm