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    I received my order on Friday afternoon and I wanted to compliment you on your beautiful workmanship. I was pleasantly surprised to receive the order so quickly too! I am very satisfied with your products and will be sure to tell all my girlfriends about your website! Your prices are reasonable and the quick turn-around makes it that much more appealing. This was the least stressful event in planning my wedding!
    Thank you again!

Cheri, yes!!!!!!  They tried to deliver it Weds. & we weren't home.
Katharine, my daughter, wanted to leave that moment when we found out & go
pick it up, but it was still on the truck.  Finally, @3pm Thurs. while she
was @ school, it arrived!  I didn't open it for I waited for her to do that.
When she came home, she literally tore into the box and brought out the MOST
BEAUTIFUL creations!!!!!!!!  The tiara is MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL in Real life
as well as the earrings and necklace & ankle bracelet (perfect fit with the
shoes/length of dress)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  PERFECT!!!!!!!!
PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!  I LITERALLY cried from her sheer beauty when she put
on your creations!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I made her try on her dress with all you had
created and SHE LOOKS LIKE GRACE KELLY/Audrey Hepburn (My Fair Lady
combination)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!!!  FROM THE BOTTOM
OF MY HEART!!!!!  I told her that you had said if we sent you pictures, you
might use her to model the tiara on your website.  I'll send you a picture
(snail mail as I don't have a digital camera) and you can judge for yourself
if you wish to do that.  She was VERY excited that you were even considering

Cheri, you are SO talented!  You have a true gift and have used your wonder
gift to make me, the mom, and Katharine, my beautiful daughter, VERY VERY
HAPPY!!!!!!  Thank you SO much!  I'll send you pictures as soon as I get
them developed.  Wish I were a professional photographer just to do your
beautiful creation justice and mine (my daughter) too for that matter.

Mary Anne Mills
Katharine Elizabeth's mother, Katharine a proud possessor of a Cheri
original tiara and jewelry creations





I received my necklace today and I love it!  Just wanted to say thanks for the great service.
Deidre Ventura

Dear Cheri
Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful jewelry you made for my wedding.  This was a third wedding and it was a lot of work.  The first time I remember really getting that special wedding giddy excitement was when I opened the package from you. The jewelry was perfect. It was the perfect complement for my dress. I did end up wearing the necklace and bracelet with the earrings and it was so simple and elegant that it looked perfect.  There's that word again -- perfect.  But it was.
Thank you for your part in making my real wedding match the one of my dreams!
Sharon Emery Moore


I received the necklaces and earrings I ordered just a few minutes ago and they are beautiful.  They are exactly what I was picturing for my bridesmaids!  Thank you so much for your help, your great customer service, and such a quick delivery!  I love them!!!

Jamie Schafer


  I got my jewelry that you made for me in the mail today.. I am so impressed! Thank you so much, I am so glad that I found your website, it was exactly what I wanted.. you've made my day! Have a good weekend, Theresa Klenow :)

got the dress today..wore it all afternoon.  You did a great job!


Dear Cheri,

I had my sister's wedding last week, and everyone loved my jewelry!  I got compliments all night long.  And more importantly, my sister loved it too!  Thank you for doing such a great job!  I will spread your name around to others!

Jill B.

The jewelry came yesterday. Everything looks great! Thank you for everything.



Thank you so much, I am so excited to get them!  Everyone loved the picture on the web page!

Anytime anyone needs something for anyone, I will definitely refer you!
Thanks again!

Dear Cheri,

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner but man it has been a crazy week!! I absolutely love the wraps and they are even better than the pics can show. I wore mine out the first night and sold 4 just from people at this karaoke bar. LOL not a place I usually frequent but dragged along by friends. I'm not even sure I want to sell the rest. I'd like to keep them all! hehe.

 Huggs- Sachi

Thank you so much for the adorable, perfect onesies. I received them 2 days ago.
Thanks again, I will be a repeat customer.


Just wanted you to know that the earrings and bracelet were perfect for the dress.  You received a lot of compliments on your work.
Thanks again.


Cheri, I love the necklaces!  I put one one immediately and the
length is perfect.  I will contact you later this week or next for Xmas
gifts.  What earrings would you recommend?

Thanks so much, 



Just wanted to let you know I received the hair wrap yesterday.  It is great.  You did a really nice job.  Thank you!

You've been great to deal with. Thanks for all of your help. I have a question for you regarding PayPal. I used another vendor to buy my flowers for the wedding and I haven't received them yet. I've been calling and emailing them daily and they won't respond to me. Is there any kind of a screening process that PayPal uses to potentially identify vendors who may be defrauding people out of money? Also, I would like to post my satisfied customer comments on your website. Do I send you a letter directly or do I post it directly to your site?
Thanks again,
Dana L.
Dear Dana, 

you can gripe to paypal. they might be able to get your money back. they do have some screening process. on my site, i'm paypal verified, meaning, no problems and good history. also, your credit card can get your money back for you. but if you use a debit card, you won't get any help from your bank. (been there, done that.)

i do have a customer comment page on my website where i proudly post all my happy customer comments. i've only had one complainer so far who ordered a necklace with 4mm beads expecting them to be 6mm. she ordered one necklace because the colors were the ones she wanted but really wanted a different style altogether and didn't bother to tell me! i wound up remaking her 3 necklaces and 3 pr earrings because i accepted responsibiliity for not listing the size of the beads with each necklace. lesson learned. so, i've had pretty good luck so far.

i'm posting your email on my website. if you want to see my customer comment page, go to gossamerwingsdesigns.com/customer comments.htm

thank you!!!!


Hi Cheri,
I'm sorry I didn't let you know sooner that I received the jewelry.  It was
perfect and the girls loved them.  Thanks for doing such a nice job!


Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful jewelry!!  I guess it came in
while I was out of the office this week, but I got it yesterday, and it
is exactly what we were looking for.

Thanks again,


Hi Cheri,

I got the hair wraps on Friday. They look great! They are both
so beautiful and I am very happy with the colors.  I am
wearing the light sapphire today. They are also the
perfect length. Great job! Thanks so much. 



I got my jewelry in the mail yesterday. It's all gorgeous! I tried it all on and I LOVE it. It's delicate and sparkly - I think it will look perfect with my dress. 
: )
and the earrings are exactly what I wanted!

Thanks a bunch for all your help!


Hi Cheri!

Sorry I didn't write sooner--I've been out of town--again. Yes, I just got them. They're beautiful. You did a great job! Thank you.



I got it today!
It looks great!!!
I tried it on and it fits very well - and I think the color's perfect.
Thanks again for such a great job.  I will email as soon as I have the money
for the bridesmaids' necklaces.



I received my bracelet and earrings, and they are absolutely perfect!!  I
am so excited.  I cannot wait to wear it with my dress.  The colors and the
pearls and crystals absolutely capture the beauty of the dress and vice
versa.  Also, the bracelet fits just right.

You are right....customizing your jewelry is a great thing to do.  Not only
because it is cheaper, but, it is a reflection of who you are, the style of
the dress, and you can match the colors to the dress which is ultimately
what we strive to do....capture the perfect ensemble for that day.

Thank you for your service!  If I ever have another special occasion, I
will contact you again.  I will also recommend you to anyone I hear who
needs special jewelry (or just jewelry).  It has been a pleasant
experience.  And, if you ever want to use any of this e-mail for a
satisfied customer section on your website or marketing, feel free to do

Thanks again.


Leslie F.

Charlotte, NC


I got my order yesterday and everything is perfect!  Thank you so much for everything and all of your help to get me just what I needed!  I can't wait to give the jewelry to my attendants!

Thanks so much,



Hi Cheri!!  The bracelets worked awesome and I just sent back to you today the extra one.  We just got back from our Honeymoon, sorry for the delay.

Thanks again!
Heather M.


I got the set yesterday and absolutely love it - it's
even better in person, and fits perfectly.  Thanks so
much for everything!



I got it, and it's beautiful! I put it on and wore it for the rest of the night!  My fiance thought it was pretty too. The beads really sparkle and that's what I wanted, and it's just the right length.

Thanks again!



It arrived yesterday and I absolutely love it.  It looks great and everything seems fine.  Thank you so much.  The jewelry is perfect!!!!


Hello Cheri,
Just wanted to let you know the BEAUTIFUL necklaces and earrings arrived
yesterday. Thank you so much. My daughter is very pleased - and so I am.
As they (sometimes) say, it was a pleasure doing business with you!

Hello Cheri,

I wanted to let you know I received the necklaces.  They are beautiful and
match the dresses perfectly.  I have already recommended your site to some
friends.  Thank you for making my job as a bride a little easier.

Thank you!
Mindi Wagner


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