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Missing Earring

Let's say you lost one of your favorite earrings, like the ones shown here. I am not a silver smith and so I cannot make you a new one.  What I can do is turn your orphaned earring into a pendant and make you a new necklace with it.

Necklace design costs vary. Please refer to the section on custom designs at the bottom of the page.

Hooking the earring dangle onto a chain that you provide won't cost you anything.
Hooking the earring dangle onto a chain that I provide can be done for only the cost of the chain.

Missing Rhinestones

Let's say you have something with rhinestones and one of the stones has fallen out. If you still have the rhinestone that fell out, I can glue it back in for you. But finding the exact same size and color and sparkle of a rhinestone to replace one that has gone missing is virtually impossible.

Re-gluing rhinestones: Approx. $5 per item


Missing Earring

Let's say you bought a pair of beaded earrings at an art fair, and you lost one. The chances are pretty slim that I'll have the exact same beads and metal components to duplicate the missing earring. Of course, it would be easy to simply use the dangle as a pendant to hang on a necklace.

Necklace design costs vary. I'll hook the earring dangle onto a chain that you provide at no charge.  I can put the earring dangle onto a chain that I provide for just the cost of the chain.


Do you have a beaded bracelet or necklace that needs to be restrung? I can restring a single strand bracelet for $10 and single strand 16" necklace for $15. Additional charges will be added for longer items, multi-strand items and to replace missing beads and clasp. If you want to do the restringing yourself with my coaching, you would pay only for the components that you use.

jewelry-repair-3.jpg (37598 bytes)


Custom Designed Jewelry
barb_necklace_1.jpg (51388 bytes)

Do you need something special to go with an outfit?
Do you need a custom design for a formal occasion?

Let me design something for you. The cost of designing custom jewelry
 varies with each project but is generally only $25.
Sometimes a design can be worked out in a few minutes in which case the fee can be waived.
However some situations warrant more attention and consultation to create just the right look that suits your style.

No design fee is charged when ordering an item I already carry but in a different color or size.

barbara-bridal-necklace-close-up.JPG (36944 bytes)

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