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Welcome to LaCrosseFaceMasks.com
A department of Gossamer Wings Designs

Reversible Face Masks
Made in America
ONLY $13.95
Designer fabric and glitter fabric are $14.95
and shipping is only $2!
If you are in La Crosse, use the curbside pickup discount.

September Featured Fabric
Save $2 when you choose the pumpkin fabric!
Trick or Treat!
halloween-face-masks-pumpkins.JPG (258600 bytes)
It's on page 3. Click Here!
Fall & Christmas too!

Use my secure website cart or call me or
email me at Cheri Haug @ AOL.com
If you would like to pick up your order at my
house on the south side of La Crosse,
ask about my curbside discount!
I'm near 16th & Green Bay.

Made in America Face masks

*Face masks are hand made by me in La Crosse, Wisconsin.
*All new materials. Breathable, washable, reuseable 
and reversible
*Nose guard prevents glasses from fogging.
*Premium round elastic.
*Expertly top-stitched with matching thread.
*50+ styles of fabric (including patriotic) and 30+ styles of lining.
*Each one is custom made for you in
 any size including children’s sizes.
*Masks are lined with flannel for better filtration and
 softness on the face.  
*Choose broadcloth poly-cotton 
if you’re concerned about being too warm.
*Order using the secure shopping cart or you can call, 
email or private message me.
*Masks are sterilized, sealed and ready to wear!

*Masks are 100% fragrance free.
*Got beard? Click here!
*Add a rhinestone for free! Click here to see pics.

More secure fit!
A hidden copper wire is sewn into the mask so the mask can be 
formed to fit your face which provides increased protection
 for you!
When it fits right, you won't have as much trouble 
seeing over the top of your mask or with your glasses fogging up.>

 $13.95 Each
If you are outside the United States, 
expect to have shipping
added manually when I process your order.

Curbside Pick Up:
Please phone in your order if you will be picking it up.
Please pay with cash.
Yes I can make change.

If you will be using a credit card or Paypal,
please use the shopping cart below.  


rhinestone-stud-sundrenched-purple-dragonflies-face-mask.JPG (128438 bytes)
Free Rhinestones & Studs


Design Your Face Mask 

then choose which lining you prefer

a few more details


No matter how many items you buy,
choose shipping or curbside only once.
In other words, if I ship to you, shipping will be $2 for the entire order.
But if I'm shipping to multiple addresses, then please hit the button for each address.

If you pick up curbside, I'll personally apply the $.95 discount to every
item in your order. There's no need to keep hitting the button!



 Fabric for Side One:
There are more choices on page 2

New! 4/25
fire-works-face-mask-fabric.jpg (406893 bytes)
Fireworks Glitter"
American Flag
Patriotic Face Mask

patriotic-us-flag-firework-face-mask.jpg (131082 bytes)
Made in the USA


New! 4/25
rustic-stars-navy-face-mask-fabric.jpg (332371 bytes)
Rustic Stars on Navy Blue"
American Flag
Flag Face Mask

patriotic-face-mask-navy-rustic-stars.jpg (121215 bytes)
Made in America


New! 4/29
stars-and-stripe-u-s-flag-face-mask-fabric.jpg (275972 bytes)
"Wavy Flag"
American Flag
Stars and Stripes
Face Mask

american-flag-stars-and-stripes-face-mask.JPG (154189 bytes)
New 7/2
green-camouflage-eagles-patriotic-face-mask.JPG (203992 bytes)
Green Camouflage with
Eagles and Metallic
Gold Accents
camouflage-camo-face-mask-and-eagles-patriotic.JPG (104756 bytes)
The photo doesn't do this
one justice.  The gold you 
see is metallic.


New 6/29
Wisconsin-badgers-face-masks-fabric-1.JPG (355518 bytes)
Let's go Badgers
Face Mask

Wisconsin-badgers-face-masks-1.JPG (135319 bytes)
"Let’s go Badgers" "I love college" 
"Bucky" "Home" "Wisco" 
"Jump Around"


New 6/29
uw-badgers-fabric-face-coverings-1.JPG (250813 bytes)
Badgers Medallions
Face Mask

Wisconsin-badgers-face-masks-2.JPG (122572 bytes)
"Wisconsin Badgers" with Medallions
New 6/29
green-bay-packers-face-masks.JPG (287460 bytes)

Green Bay Packers
Face Mask

green-bay-packers-face-mask.JPG (131949 bytes)
Made in La Crosse


New 7/2
green-camouflage-eagles-patriotic-face-mask.JPG (203992 bytes)
Green Camouflage
with Eagles and 
Metallic Gold Accents
camouflage-camo-face-mask-and-eagles-patriotic.JPG (104756 bytes)

 New! 4/25
sundrenched-blue-butterflies-face-covering-fabric.jpg (233763 bytes)

Blue Sun Drenched 
Face Mask

washable-reusable-fabric-face-mask-sun-drenched-blue-butterflies.JPG (133752 bytes)
Shown with premium ear handles
Click here for another pretty blue
Click here for more butterflies


New! 5/3
denim-blue-bandana-fabric-14-face-mask-fabric.jpg (233758 bytes)
Denim Blue Bandana
Face Mask

denim-blue-bandana-cloth-face-mask.jpg (139018 bytes)
Shown with premium elastic


New! 4/28
playful-pups-face-mask-fabric.jpg (253922 bytes)
 Playful Pups
Face Mask

playful-pups-face-masks-black-white.JPG (144029 bytes)
Shown with premium elastic


New 5/23
face-masks-made-in-wisconsin-green-distressed-fabric.jpg (143664 bytes)
Stone Washed Green
Face Mask

Stone-washed-green-camouflage-face-masks-for-men.JPG (103512 bytes)
Sort of Camouflage
New! 4/28
tie-dyed-packed-cats-face-mask-fabric.jpg (312400 bytes)
Rainbow Cats
Face Mask

crowded-cats-la-crosse-face-masks.jpg (150865 bytes)
New! 5/18
made-in-la-crosse-wisconsin-usa-rainbow-dogs-cloth-face-masks.jpg (247747 bytes)
Rainbow Pups
Face Mask

rainbow-face-mask-rainbow-pups-facemasks.jpg (136504 bytes)
Go to  page 2 for  more!


lavender-polka-dots-face-mask.jpg (185575 bytes)
Lavender Polka Dots
Face Mask

lavender-polka-dots-face-mask-2.JPG (113256 bytes)

Click here for more lavender
navy-blue-shadows-face-mask-fabric.jpg (71228 bytes)
Navy Blue Shadows
Face Mask

blue-shadows-face-mask.JPG (105557 bytes)
No extra charge for 
premium elastic!
Click  Here for 
More Solid Colors, 
Brown, Burgundy, White
glitter-stars-on-black-face-mask-material.jpg (89351 bytes)
Black with Glitter Stars
Face Mask

Click here for some gorgeous
black fabric with
metallic accents
gray-circles-on-charcoal-face-masks-for-men.jpg (205675 bytes)
Gray Circles on Charcoal 
 Face Mask

gray-circles-on-charcoal-mens-face-mask.JPG (99377 bytes)

DSC08574.JPG (125747 bytes)

Pink Butterflies
Face Mask

surgical-mask-pink-butterflies-500.jpg (113115 bytes)
Shown with white flat elastic
pink-butterfly-face-mask-premium.jpg (112235 bytes)
Shown with premium elastic
Click here for more butterflies


Click  Here for 
Solid Colors

blue-face-mask-feathers.jpg (267971 bytes)
Blue Feathers
Face Mask

blue-feathers.jpg (123176 bytes)

sharks-face-mask-fabric.jpg (81623 bytes)
Baby Sharks
Face Mask

shark-face-masks-kids-size-adult-sizes-childrens.jpg (188971 bytes)

brown-black-nine-iron-plaid-face-masks-for-men.jpg (199937 bytes)

Black and Brown Plaid
"Grid Iron"
Face Mask

black-face-mask-brown-plaid-500.jpg (132408 bytes)
Shown with flat elastic
baby-face-mask-bumble-bees.jpg (164775 bytes)    bumble-bees-face-mask.jpg (120213 bytes)
Baby Bumble Bees
Face Mask
I've listed this as an exterior fabric because it's so darned cute. But because this is flannel, adding another flannel with it as your lining will make it a bit warmer than you want. So, choose any exterior fabric you like and then choose the Baby Bumble Bees from the flannel lining
 menu. Or just call me!

DSC08571-glitter-swirl-teal.JPG (140431 bytes)

Teal Swirl with Glitter
Face Mask

glitter-turquoise-face-mask-premium-elastic.JPG (126031 bytes)
Shown with premium elastic


face-mask-brown-oil-slick.jpg (195699 bytes)

Oil Slick
Face Mask
oil-slick-face-mask-premium-elastic.JPG (115886 bytes)
The creases in the elastic
do even out when  you
wear it!

pink-daisies-face-mask-fabric.jpg (261260 bytes)
Pink Daisies
Face Mask

pink-daisies-cloth-face-mask.jpg (139154 bytes)
Shown with flat elastic

golden-brown-bandana-face-mask.jpg (258497 bytes)

Golden Brown Bandana
Face Mask
purple-daisies-face-mask-american-made.jpg (260403 bytes)
Purple Daisies 
Face Mask


black-shadows-face-mask-american-made.jpg (179810 bytes)
Black Shadows
Face Mask

black-shadows-face-masks-for-men.JPG (102266 bytes)


DSC08526.JPG (149885 bytes)
Yellow and Orange Flower
 Face Mask

yellow-daisies-face-mask-for-women-colored-elastic.jpg (108333 bytes)
Shown with matching orange elastic
rhinestone-on-yellow-daisy-face-mask.JPG (224516 bytes)
Add a rhinestone or
stud to your mask
for free!


New! 5/11
black-paisley-indonesian-batik-face-mask-fabric.jpg (141322 bytes)
Black Paisley Batik
Face Mask

black-paisley-face-masks-for-men-with-beards.jpg (110494 bytes)

Shown with black elastic
  DSC08529.JPG (157060 bytes)
Turquoise Daisies
Face Mask

turquoise-daisies-face-masks-for-women.JPG (126773 bytes)
Best match is
Aquarius Flannel
face-mask-white-solid.jpg (90128 bytes)
"Your Basic White"
 Click  here for 
more choices in white

 face-mask-white-on-white-mandala-paisely.jpg (95762 bytes)

green-_leaves-face-mask-fabric-la-crosse.jpg (196136 bytes)

Green Leaves on Aqua
Face Mask

green-leaves-on-aqua-face-masks-for-children.jpg (126066 bytes)
The cool thing about this fabric 
is that the gold veins on the
 leaves are metallic. 
The photo can't do it justice!
Click here for a gray metallic
version of this design.


 It's back! 4/25
blue-gridlines-face-mask-fabric.jpg (203521 bytes)

blue-gridlines-face-mask-premium-elastic.JPG (124330 bytes)
Blue Gridlines 
Face Mask
face-masks-sundrenched-dragonflies-on-purple.jpg (88015 bytes)
 Sun Drenched Purple
Dragonflies Face Mask

sun-drenched-purple-dragonflies-surgiical-face-mask.jpg (114839 bytes)

Shown with premium pink 
and purple elastic. 
I also have the flat 
elastic in just plain


face-mask-gray-feathers.jpg (124996 bytes)
Gray Feathers
Face Mask

facemask-gray-feathers.jpg (118856 bytes)
Shown with premium 
quality elastic
New 6/14
coral-dragonflies-face-masks.jpg (310655 bytes)

Coral Dragonflies
Face Mask

Visit page 2 for more
coral dragonflies
coral-dragonflies-face-mask-for-women.JPG (140048 bytes)


French Blue Cross Hatch
Face Mask

facemask-french-blue.JPG (123661 bytes)
Shown with premium quality elastic

New! 5/11
black-metallic-blooms-face-mask-fabric.jpg (221247 bytes)
Black Metallic
Large Floral
Face Mask
black-metallic-large-floral-face-mask-wisconsin.JPG (124579 bytes)


face-mask-pea-green-plaid.jpg (192820 bytes)
Olive Green Plaid
Face Mask

facemask-olive-green-plaid.jpg (12373 bytes)
Shown with premium elastic
DSC08528.JPG (160726 bytes)
Turquoise Dragonflies
Face Mask

face-mask-DSC08543.JPG (95446 bytes)

Shown with 
premium quality elastic.
The best match is
Aquarius flannel.
Click here for navy blue
& light blue dragonflies

crystal-turquoise-dragonflies-face-mask.jpg (196628 bytes)
Shown with clear crystal rhinestone


  face-mask-navy-check.jpg (190634 bytes)
Navy Blue Checks
Face Mask
navy-blue-gingham-face-mask.jpg (133809 bytes)
face-mask-green-dragonflies.jpg (109688 bytes)
 Green Dragonflies
Face Mask

facemask-green-dragonflies.JPG (130377 bytes)

Got beard?
Click here for face masks
for beards.



 It's back! 4/25
lavender-dragonflies-face-mask-fabric.jpg (271329 bytes)
Lavender Dragonflies
Face Mask

facemask-purple-dragonflies.jpg (89546 bytes)
Shown with flat elastic.
If you want premium elastic
the closest match I have
for purple is pink with 
lavender dots.

New 6/13

Paint Splatters
in Yellow
Face Mask

yellow-paint-splatters-face-mask-for-men.JPG (140315 bytes)
DSC08573.JPG (128435 bytes)

Pink Hearts
Face Mask

facemask-pink-hearts.jpg (10004 bytes)
New 6/13
paint-splatter-brown-face-masks-for-men.jpg (221913 bytes)
Paint Splatters
in Brown
Face Mask

DSC08518.JPG (154334 bytes)
Face Mask

DSC08555.JPG (90842 bytes)
Leopard shown in kids size 
leopard-print-face-masks-for-women.JPG (122424 bytes)
Adult face mask
shown with premium elastic
New 6/13
paint-splatter-light-blue-face-masks-for-men.jpg (225851 bytes)
Paint Splatters
in Blue
Face Mask

face-mask-for-kids-unicorns.jpg (103743 bytes)
Face Mask

surgical-masks-unicorns-500.jpg (112639 bytes)
New 6/13
paint-splatter-purple-face-masks-for-men.jpg (268652 bytes)
Paint Splatters
in Purple
Face Mask

purple-paint-splatters.JPG (142556 bytes)

turquoise-crystal-on-paint-splatters-face-mask.JPG (248538 bytes)
Turquoise crystal 
dresses up 
this face mask

face-mask-cream-red-roses.jpg (262201 bytes)
Cream with Red Roses
Face Mask

washable-cotton-face-mask-made-in-america.jpg (129814 bytes)
Shown with premium elastic
golden-brown-bandana-face-mask.jpg (258497 bytes)

Golden Brown Bandana
Face Mask

Visit page 2 for bandana masks
How to measure for a custom fit


 First Measurement
Choose this measurement in 
the drop down box above

measurement-1-face-mask.JPG (143028 bytes)
Use a cloth tape measure to
measure  from the 
back edge of one ear
  across the  middle of the 
nose, over to the edge 
of the other
. You can
 also use a string and then 
measure the string on a 
ruler or yard stick but this method 
is prone to errors.

Child measurements are
 age 12 or younger.
13" is average for most women.
14" is average for most men.

Don't go behind the ear:
dont-go-around-the-back-of-the-ear.JPG (107803 bytes)

If you are unable to do the 
measurement I'd be happy to 
assist you. Just make an 
appointment with me.
You will get a bag from my drop box
containing a sterilized tape measure.
You'll measure while I watch from a 
safe distance.


Optional Second Measurement
Give me this measurement
via message when you
check out.

2nd-measurement-face-mask.JPG (140031 bytes)
Please get me a second
measurement from the front
of the ear
, across the nose
and over to the front of
the other ear. The front of the ear
is where that knobby
thing meets your face.

Use this:
tape-measure-1.JPG (100401 bytes)

Not this:
tape-measure-2.JPG (106648 bytes)
A carpenter's tape measure
will guarantee disaster!
There are even more choices for external fabric on page 2!
and Page 3

Fabric for Side Two:
(or keep going for light weight poly-cotton broadcloth)


facemask-black-flannel.jpg (84845 bytes)
Flannel Lining
black-face-mask-flannel-2.jpg (96079 bytes)
Shown with premium 
ear loops
New! 4/25
white-flannel-face-mask-fabric.jpg (93114 bytes)
Flannel Lining
white-flannel-face-mask.jpg (55537 bytes)
Low Inventory
DSC08520.JPG (136917 bytes)
Grey Tiles
Flannel Lining
face-mask-DSC08553.JPG (77178 bytes)
New! 5/19
cloth-face-covering-cream-ivory-fabric.jpg (122905 bytes)
Flannel Lining
New! 5/18
american-made-face-masks-grey-waves.jpg (93963 bytes)
Gray Waves
Flannel Lining
grey-gray-waves-face-mask-usa-made.jpg (106712 bytes)


New! 5/18
handmade-face-masks-wisconsin-grey-shadows-flannel.jpg (137883 bytes)
Grey Shadows
Flannel Lining
gray-shadows-flannel-lining-face-masks-for-men.jpg (104554 bytes)
New! 6/27
vibrant-orange-flannel-face-masks.jpg (127040 bytes)
Flannel Lining
New! 4/29
red-chili-pepper-face-mask-flannel.jpg (92933 bytes)
Red Chili Pepper
Flannel Lining
chili-pepper-flannel-face-mask-la-crosse.jpg (101589 bytes)
New 5/20
cloth-face-mask-hand-made-navy-blue-mini-plaid.jpg (207459 bytes)
Navy Blue Mini Plaid
Flannel Lining

New 5/20
made-in-america-face-mask-fireworks-flannel.jpg (212993 bytes)
Flannel Lining
fire-works-flannel-face-masks-for-men.jpg (119570 bytes)


New! 5/18
american-made-face-masks-blue-stars-flannel-fabric.jpg (213446 bytes)
Blue Stars
Flannel Lining
blue-stars-flannel-face-mask.JPG (121360 bytes)
New! 4/29
navy-flannel-face-mask.jpg (100622 bytes)
Navy Blue
Flannel Lining
navy-blue-flannel-face-mask.jpg (65769 bytes)
Shown with premium 
blue ear handles
New! 4/25
powder-blue-flannel-face-mask.jpg (108487 bytes)
(Blue) Powder Blue
Flannel Lining
powder-blue-face-mask-2.jpg (99791 bytes)

ocean-depths-teal-face-mask-flannel.jpg (175316 bytes)
(Teal) Ocean Depths
Flannel Lining
washable-handmade-face-mask-ocean-depths-blue.jpg (112654 bytes)


face-mask-blue-radiance.jpg (125475 bytes)
Blue Radiance
Flannel Lining
blue-radiance-face-mask-flannel.jpg (98494 bytes)

aguarius-blue-face-mask-flannel.jpg (146141 bytes)
Blue Aquarius 
Flannel Lining
aquarius-blue-flannel-face-mask.jpg (108423 bytes)
Shown with matching  blue elastic
face-mask-skydiver-blue-flannel.jpg (64731 bytes)
Blue Sky Diver
Flannel Lining
made-in-america-sky-diver-blue-face-mask.jpg (97000 bytes)
Shown with blue premium 
face-mask-blue-plaid-flannel.jpg (241141 bytes)
Blue Plaid
Flannel Lining
DSC08506.JPG (144791 bytes)
Blue and Gray Plaid
Flannel Lining
face-mask-DSC08549.JPG (79317 bytes)
New 5/19
made-in-america-face-mask-brown-watercolor-flannel.jpg (125818 bytes)
Brown Watercolor
Flannel Lining
face-mask-camel.jpg (165075 bytes)
Flannel Lining
camel-tan-taupe-face-mask.jpg (101769 bytes)
Shown with navy blue 
elastic to match the 
front of the mask
face-mask-chocolate.jpg (161853 bytes)
Flannel Lining
brown-face-mask-2.jpg (106405 bytes)
Shown with brown 
elastic to match the 
front of the mask
DSC08521.JPG (126633 bytes)
Gray with Dogs
Flannel Lining
face-mask-DSC08547.JPG (84554 bytes)
DSC08523.JPG (121809 bytes)
Pink with Kitties
Flannel Lining
DSC08556.JPG (75240 bytes)
DSC08525.JPG (138633 bytes)
Cream with Cats
Flannel Lining
face-mask-DSC08551.JPG (84548 bytes)
DSC08581.JPG (130770 bytes)
Coffee Cups
Flannel Lining
surgical-mask-coffee-cups-flannel.jpg (88078 bytes)
DSC08582-aqual-swirl-flannel.JPG (116414 bytes)
Aqua Waves
Flannel Lining
facemasks-aqua-swirls.jpg (77426 bytes)
stylish-pup.jpg (76108 bytes)
Mint Green Stylish Pups
Flannel Lining
made-in-the-usa-prism-pink-light-face-mask-flannel-fabric.jpg (119755 bytes)
(Light Pink) Prism Pink
Flannel Lining
prism-pink-face-mask-flannel.JPG (102806 bytes)
pink-face-mask-polka-dots.jpg (190253 bytes)
Pink Polka Dots
Flannel Lining
pink-polka-dot-face-mask.jpg (105991 bytes)
Shown with matching blue elastic 
DSC08537.JPG (122686 bytes)
Flannel Lining
surgical-mask-pink-flannel.jpg (80661 bytes)

rainbow-hearts-flannel-face-mask-2.JPG (137955 bytes)
New! 5/18
made-in-the-usa-face-mask-watercolor-hearts.jpg (202429 bytes)
Rainbow Hearts
Flannel Lining
rainbow-hearts-flannel-face-mask.JPG (175519 bytes)
Shown with comfortable
1/8" flat elastic
for two little kids.
The elastic is color matched
to the exterior of the masks.
face-mask-jasmine-green.jpg (175230 bytes)
(Green) Jasmine Green
Flannel Lining
jasmine-green-face-mask-premium-elastic.jpg (96077 bytes)
Shown with premium 
elastic to match 
the front of the mask
   face-mask-hunter.jpg (143584 bytes)
(Green) Hunter Green
Flannel Lining
  reuseable-face-mask-hunter-green-made-in-usa.jpg (101153 bytes)
face-mask-paisley-purple.jpg (164830 bytes)
(Purple) Paisley Purple
Flannel Lining
paisley-purple-face-mask.jpg (99995 bytes)
Shown with matching
lavender ear loops


face-mask-lilac.jpg (146408 bytes)
Flannel Lining
facemask-lavender-flannel.JPG (74458 bytes)
facemask-purple-flannel.jpg (174405 bytes)
Deep Purple
Flannel Lining
deep-purple-face-mask.JPG (113005 bytes)
Shown with premium elastic
that matches the
 exterior fabric
New! 4/28
baby-face-mask-bumble-bees.jpg (164775 bytes)
Baby Bumble Bees
Flannel Lining

bumble-bees-face-mask.jpg (120213 bytes)
Shown with premium ear 
loops in bumble bee 
black & white
New 7/7
yorkies-face-mask-fabric-dogs-puppies.JPG (225219 bytes)
Flannel Lining
yorkies-face-mask.JPG (117139 bytes)


New 7/4
minnesota-vikings-face-mask-flannel.jpg (180998 bytes)
Minnesota Vikings
Flannel Fabric

minnesota-vikings-face-mask.JPG (113046 bytes)



Fabric for Side Two:
Poly-Cotton Broadcloth
or Cotton

Polyester (65%) Cotton Blend Lining for Summer

Why choose flannel for the lining? 
Flannel is soft against the face and its fuzziness and thickness
may provide a little more protection than cotton or poly-cotton fabric.
Masks are most necessary in crowded places which happen to be
 indoors. Of course in densely populated areas, a lot of people wear
their masks outdoors. Because indoor spaces are air conditioned, 
a flannel  lined mask won't be too warm. My face masks are
reversible so if the flannel feels too cozy, just wear it inside out!

Why choose broadcloth?
Broad cloth may feel cooler against the face. Broad cloth may be 
a better choice for you in the summer if you feel the need to wear 
your mask outdoors. Broad cloth is also a good choice if you work 
in a hot environment, clean houses, cook or work on an 
assembly line. It's also a good choice for the gym.
New! 5/19
white-flannel-face-mask-fabric.jpg (93114 bytes)
Broad Cloth Lining
white-face-mask.JPG (103040 bytes)
New! 5/19
cloth-face-covering-cream-ivory-fabric.jpg (122905 bytes)
Egg Shell
Broad Cloth Lining
egg-shell-face-mask.JPG (130512 bytes)
Egg shell and white are pretty
close. The mask at the top of
the photo is white, the 
others are egg shell.


New! 6/5
black-cotton-poly-face-mask-for_summer.jpg (85175 bytes)
Badgers Black
Broad Cloth Lining
face-masks-for-men-black-broadcloth.JPG (90205 bytes)
Need something special 
for football season? Just ask!


New! 6/13
badgers-red-broadcloth-lining-face-masks-fabric.jpg (103930 bytes)
Badgers Red
Broad Cloth Lining
Need something special 
for football season? Just ask!
red-broad-cloth-face-mask.jpg (96139 bytes)
New! 6/21
turquoise--broadcloth-face-mask.jpg (128524 bytes)
Broad Cloth Lining

ocean-depths-teal-face-mask-flannel.jpg (175316 bytes)

Peacock Green 
100% Cotton
peacock-blue-face-mask.jpg (96523 bytes)


sky-blue-face-mask-fabric.JPG (30894 bytes)
Sky Blue
Broad Cloth Lining

royal-blue-face-mask-fabric.JPG (171159 bytes)
Dark Royal Blue
Broad Cloth Lining
french-blue-face-mask-lining.JPG (154527 bytes)
French Blue
Broad Cloth Lining
(A darker shade of Icy blue)
icy-blue-cotton-poly-face-mask-for_summer.jpg (63327 bytes)
Blue Ice
Broad Cloth Lining
blue-ice-poly-cotton-face-masks-for-kids-lining.jpg (95565 bytes)


New! 6/5
navy-cotton-poly-face-mask-for_summer.jpg (100353 bytes)
Navy Blue
Broad Cloth Lining
navy-blue-broad-cloth-face-masks-for-men.JPG (104276 bytes)


New! 6/5
purple-broadcloth-face-mask.jpg (144400 bytes)
Broad Cloth Lining
purple-broadcloth-face-masks-for-children.JPG (98063 bytes)
New! 6/21
green-bay-green-face-mask-broadcloth.jpg (123275 bytes)
Green Bay Green
Broad Cloth Lining
Need something special 
for football season? Just ask!
green-bay-packers-green-face-mask.jpg (98040 bytes)


New! 6/21
packers-gold-broadcloth-lining-face-masks-fabric.jpg (138195 bytes)
Packers Gold
Broad Cloth Lining
packers-gold-face-mask-broadcloth.JPG (100688 bytes)
New! 6/13
orange-face-mask-broadcloth.jpg (118212 bytes)
Broad Cloth Lining
orange-broadcloth-face-masks.JPG (105616 bytes)


New! 6/14
coral--cotton-face-mask.jpg (120000 bytes)
100% Cotton Lining
coral-face-mask-lining.JPG (103000 bytes)
New! 6/21
grren-grass-green-broadcloth-face-mask.jpg (141630 bytes)
Grass Green
Broad Cloth Lining
grass-green-face-mask-lining.JPG (97882 bytes)

lime-green-face-mask-cotton-lining.JPG (165263 bytes)
Lime Green
100% Cotton Lining

New! 6/13
pale-yellow-broadcloth-face-masks-for-women-men.jpg (144272 bytes)
Broad Cloth Lining
yellow-broadcloth-face-masks.JPG (98623 bytes)

New! 6/5
black-cotton-poly-face-mask-for_summer.jpg (85175 bytes)
Badgers Black
Broad Cloth Lining
face-masks-for-men-black-broadcloth.JPG (90205 bytes)
Need something special 
for football season? Just ask!


New! 6/5
plum-berry-face-mask-broadcloth.jpg (104852 bytes)
Plum Berry
Broad Cloth Lining
plum-berry-face-mask-lining-mask.JPG (98510 bytes)
New! 6/5
pink-face-mask-broadcloth.jpg (129824 bytes)
 Bright Pink
Broad Cloth Lining
bright-pink--face-mask-lining-mask.jpg (97491 bytes)
olive-green-broadcloth-lining-face-mask.jpg (158645 bytes)
Olive Green
Broad Cloth Lining


avocado-green-face-mask-broadcloth-fabric.jpg (139400 bytes)
Avocado Green
Broad Cloth Lining
avocado-green-face-mask.JPG (94695 bytes)


sage-green-broadcloth-face-mask.jpg (153509 bytes)
Sage Green
Broad Cloth Lining


face-mask-red-moose.jpg (248735 bytes)
Red Moose
100% Cotton Lining
gray-broadcloth-face-mask-lining.JPG (172847 bytes)
Broad Cloth Lining


New 7/4
democrat-vote-buttons-patriotic-face-masks.jpg (251793 bytes)

Democrat Campaign
Vote Democrat!
Patriotic Face Mask
New 7/4
democrat-donkey-vote-face-masks.jpg (255829 bytes)

Vote Democrat!
Democrat Donkeys
on Blue
Patriotic Face Mask

New 7/4
democrat-USA-donky-face-masks.jpg (242077 bytes)
Democrat USA
Donkeys on Gray
Patriotic Face Mask
Cotton Lining
New 7/4
republican-USA-elephant-face-masks.jpg (259723 bytes)
Republican USA
Elephants on Light Blue
GOP Patriotic Face Mask
Cotton Lining
New 7/4
republican-vote-buttons-face-masks.jpg (229159 bytes)
Republican Campaign
Vote Republican!
GOP Patriotic Face Mask
New 7/4
republican-vote-elephant-face-mask.jpg (251573 bytes)
Republican Elephants
on Red
Vote Republican!
GOP Patriotic Face Mask
Trick or Treat!
Order pumpkin fabric lining and get $2 off!!!
Go to page 3 to choose the discount
or let me do it. 
Make Halloween suck a little less!

Pumpkins & Bats Halloween Face Mask
halloween-face-mask-with-bats.JPG (120618 bytes)
So what's the deal with rhinestones?
I'll add a rhinestone or stud to your mask for free.
Click here to see pictures of them.


So what's the deal with elastic?
olive-green-face-mask.jpg (102616 bytes)  reuseable-face-mask-hunter-green-made-in-usa.jpg (101153 bytes)
Shown with flat brown elastic 
Flat elastic is a good choice for 
children's tiny ears and
for anyone wearing a hearing aid.
Shown with premium 
round  elastic in brown.


The flat elastic at the top of the picture is 1/8" wide making it more
comfortable than the wide underwear elastic
 you see on 99% of other  masks.
The round elastic (premium) is the type that hair ties are made from.
It comes on cards which leave temporary wrinkles in  the ear loops.
The wrinkles go away after you've worn the mask a few times.



Masks are sterilized and ready to wear!
I pre-shrunk the fabric in hot water and a hot dryer prior to making
masks from it. When your mask is finished, I sterilize it with a hot
steam iron and handle it with disinfected hands. I then place
it in a bag and seal the bag. This makes your mask
ready to wear the minute you get it!
Who loves ya baby?



Face Masks for the La Crosse Area
Proudly serving the communities of 
La Crosse, Wisconsin,
 La Crescent, Minnesota, Stoddard, 
Holmen and Onalaska. I'm conveniently 
located near Gundersen Hospital, 
a few blocks north of Mormon Coulee Road
and South Avenue.


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ekg, heart, heart attack, electro-physiologists,



Face Masks for Kids


kids-green-bay-packers-face-mask.JPG (184873 bytes)


green-leaves-face-masks-for-kids.JPG (160568 bytes)
Adult and kids size
green leaves masks



  shark-face-masks-kids-size-adult-sizes-childrens.jpg (188971 bytes)
Adult size Baby Sharks
face mask with child size.