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Thinking of Opening
Your Own Bead Store?
Need a consultant?

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Where do you begin?

What's the best location for your store?

Who do you order from and what do you order?

How do you hire employees?

How do you deal with all the paper work?

What痴 it all going to cost?

It can get pretty overwhelming! So, if you are really serious about this, we need to start talking before you sign a lease! There's so much you need to know about choosing a store location, reading a lease and even choosing a name for your store. You値l need to know who the best suppliers are and how to price your inventory. You値l need to find out how to do payroll, pay business taxes and how to choose the best advertising medium.

In-Store Training

I offer a two day training session in my store for only $1500. This gives you a chance to see first hand how things are done and get all your questions answered. You can get a good handle on what sells well and how to price things. The $1500 fee includes telephone and e-mail consulting as well as follow-up help whenever you need it.

                                                                            Training by Phone

If traveling isn't a good option for you, I have done many successful telephone consultations.

At Gossamer Wings you値l learn how to:


  • pick a location for your store
  • choose a name for your store (more complicated than it sounds!)
  • set up displays in your store
  • decide whether or not to enter into a partnership
  • order your beads and stuff, including who to order from and how much to spend
  • do payroll
  • do your bookkeeping
  • keep track of things so you are ready for filing your taxes
  • get free advertising
  • shop a trade show
  • accept credit cards in your store
  • deal with your competition
  • find the best suppliers with the best prices, selection and customer service


  • set up a class schedule and design a class calendar
  • develop a press kit
  • decide how much financing you値l need
  • create customer incentives to increase sales
  • You値l be given a sample opening order for each supplier. All you値l have to do is phone in the orders!
  • You値l also be given sample business documents including payroll, bookkeeping, reordering checklists, employee training manual, advertising ideas, press kit, etc.
  • Business Plan help is available for an additional fee


So, if you're ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, give me a call!

Cheri Haug
Click here for my phone number and business hours. 


Already own a bead store?

If you want to increase sales in your store, then this book is for you!
From One Bead Store Owner to Another
The System that Will Increase Sales in Your Bead Store 
This book is 48 pages of ideas, tips and trade secrets that will help you bring in new customers and keep them coming back.
Your book will be emailed to you in PDF format.
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Book Review by Sylvia:
This book has many ideas and tips for both the beginning bead store owner and the store owner who has 電one it for awhile and needs more help on advertising, flyers, tips for class ideas and tips on making your store stand out from the crowd.  Many ideas on how to get your store noticed and make it the 吐avorite of the neighborhood.   I would heartily recommend it.  You will read things that will make you take a second look at your store through your customers eyes if you are already a store owner.  This is a  needed item for the new bead store owner and will help you avoid some common newbie mistakes.  Sylvia Holtman,  Sylcraft Beads Yakima Washington  www.sylcraft.com

jocelyn at riverside park.jpg (100535 bytes)
Cheri, Chloe and Jocelyn from California.
This photo was taken at River Side Park in La Crosse. 
The Mississippi bridges can be seen in the background.
The older bridge is shaped like a valley. 
The new bridge is behind it and is hill shaped.

Here's What Jocelyn had to say: 
Dear Cheri, Thanks for such a fun and informative weekend. I'm so glad I came to you for your consulting services. You are so easy to talk with and so generous with business advise. I'm also very impressed with the tools you provided me to get my shop up and running - awesome job! Jocelyn

kathy atkinson- web.jpg (316428 bytes)
Kathy from Kansas, Cheri and Chloe on top of Grandad's Bluff.
Grandad's overlooks the city of La Crosse.
The Mississippi is in the background. The bluffs in the distance are in Minnesota.

mary jane me and stacey web.jpg (309034 bytes)  mary jane and stacey in la crescent.jpg (138060 bytes)

Mary Jane, Cheri (& Chloe) and Stacey
The picture on the right was taken on top of the bluff in La Crescent, Minnesota.
The Mississippi and the Wisconsin Bluffs can be seen in the background.

betty hoppnedstadt web.jpg (189271 bytes)
Betty (w/ Chloe) and Cheri

joan sohn-consulting.jpg (174584 bytes)
Joan, Cheri, Chloe

Here's what Joan from Wisconsin had to say:

Dear Cheri

Thank you so much for all that you have done for me. I learned sooooooooo much from you in just two very short days. and I had so much fun with you. You're such a nice person and I just loved Chloe.  She's such a cutie. The business plan you did for me was amazing. Even the bank officer was impressed. My store is scheduled to open around July 11, 2007 barring any complications. I'm getting very excited.

I hope that when I'm open you will be able to come and see my store. I will be sure to send lots of pictures. Thank you so much, Cheri. I now think of you as my friend for life.

Sincerely Joan

bev loni - web.jpg (85398 bytes)
Loni, Cheri, Bev

Here's what Loni and Bev from Illinois had to say:

Hi Cheri,

Thanks so much for a great 2 days. We had a blast and learned sooooo much! We spent all day Monday painting the shop and it is really starting to look great. We are looking forward to the trade show next week. We will touch base with you before the day and make plans on where to meet. Hope you had a great weekend.

Loni and Bev

Deb, Cheri, Chloe

Here's what Deb from Oklahoma had to say:

You are very easy going, comfortable to be around, and I really learned a lot. I really had a great time, it was a lot of fun and very educational. Now I have to sit down and start going through everything, and order like crazy. I have a lot better understanding of things now.

Dana, Lori, Cheri

Here's what Dana and Lori in Oklahoma had to say:

Wonderful time!!!! THANKS is in no way enough for the knowledge we gained under your "professorship" during Beadstore 101!!!! We sooooo appreciate your willingness to share with us!!

I spent every minute after we left you "working" I知 beginning the ordering process.

Again, THANKS, Cheri!!!!

Cheri痴 Qualifications

I opened Gossamer Wings Beads in November, 2002. I sold it to an employee in July, 2008. The store is still thriving.

I did all my own bookkeeping, payroll and taxes in addition to managing the store. I am a retired attorney, having practiced law for 10 years specializing in business and contract law. I still maintain my license as an inactive member of the California Bar. I can guide you on issues such as what to look for and avoid in signing a lease. I wrote the patent application for my EZ Bracelet invention and filed my own trademark for Gossamer Wings. Also, I built all my store displays and even built my websites. So, if you need advice and creative input about your store, I'm here to help you with just about anything.

Cheri Haug
Gossamer Wingsョ Beads


Here are my web sites:
(Store info and bridal jewelry)
(Pewter charms)
(EZ Bracelet and other beading tools)
(Features my artwork in charcoal, acrylic, pastel)


Miscellaneous links about my bead store:
Photos of the store Preferred Customer Night One Year Anniversary Party


Already own a bead store?

If you want to increase sales in your store, then this book is for you!
From One Bead Store Owner to Another
The System that Will Increase Sales in Your Bead Store 
This book is 48 pages of ideas, tips and trade secrets that will help you bring in new customers and keep them coming back.
Your book will be emailed to you in PDF format.
Only $14.95  


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