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Martha's Extreme Make Over
Beads! in Ithaca, New York

martha store before-1-web.jpg (56809 bytes)
martha store  after - 1- web.jpg (49111 bytes)
(That's Oliver diggin' the bead store!)
martha store before-2.jpg (48637 bytes)
Before: The left wall of the store had lots of odds and ends hanging on it, but very few beads. The fabric below the tables made the store feel dark.
martha store  after - 2 -web.jpg (50341 bytes)
After: We hung white peg board and hung up lots of bead strands. We bought some butter yellow fabric and made new curtains which we glue-gunned beneath the tables. We also found some beautiful cream colored brocade fabric to cover the brown folding tables. The fabric is easy to care for as it is actually vinyl without the look or feel of vinyl. The advantage of the table cloth, aside from brightening up the store, is that beads don't roll off the table anymore.

Also, we made a sheer yellow curtain to disguise the door and window leading to the storage room.

(Oliver wants to make a necklace.)

martha - tools - before - web.jpg (121096 bytes)
Before: The tools were on a spin rack that just wasn't working. The hooks were too close together to accommodate the tool packages.

  We hung more peg board on the brick wall and hung the tools and threads on it.

We did not take down the chests of drawers that hold the charm selection. Eventually, these should be taken down and the charms put on display tables. This will make them easier to look through and make the charms sell better.

seed beads - before - web.jpg (70821 bytes)
The spin rack also held most of the seed bead selection. The problem here was that the walls were bare. Only one fourth of the wonderful colors of the seed beads was visible.
seed beads - after - web.jpg (62155 bytes)
  We dismantled the spin rack and hung its metal racks directly on the brick wall. A spot light will be installed eventually to really bring out the color that is now on this wall.
big wooden display table - before- web.jpg (57173 bytes)
  There was a nice display table waaaay in the back of the store tucked into an alcove. Customers wouldn't go back there.
big wooden display table - after- web.jpg (57913 bytes)
  We moved the display table towards the front of the store. This display has a lot of shelving below and a rack overhead.  It wasn't being used to the fullest extent in its former location.

Hi from Martha. I just want you all to know how wonderful Cheri was and how grateful I am. I know that I have already sold things that wouldn't have sold if it hadn't been for both Cheri's suggestions plus her effort and time. I am so lucky to have received her consult. She has turned my store around for the better, by at least 500%. I already envision being open beyond this year. I was not sure about that before. She motivated me, got me excited to spend money that I didn't want to spend, and in the end, it is already making me more money! Just wanted to give her friends and family a short view of what is happening for me. Thanks Cheri! xo, M


Cheri Haug
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