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Essential Oil
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Essential Oil 
Design and bottle your own blends. 
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Essential Oil 

Save money as you explore the world of oils.
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Recipe of the
Month Club!

Get recipes, coupons & new product alerts!essential-oil-recipes-la-crosse-wisconsin.jpg (128027 bytes)
Kids &
Fur Babies

Special Formulations
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What they are & 
how they're made
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What they are & 
how they're made.
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Dilution Charts 
Find the ratio of oil 
to  base for perfumes, 
soaps and more.

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Is this a pyramid 
Oh, please! Don't get me
started. Scroll down!
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Deals & Freebies

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Free Shipping
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Freebies, Sniffies, Whiffies and Rollies

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2ml Blue 
Droplet Bottle
Freebie with
Jewelry Purchase
1ml-purple-roller-ball-essential-oil-bottle.jpg (36446 bytes)
1ml Purple Roll-On Bottle
Rollie Freebie
with Oil Purchase
1 1/8" x 1/2"     30mm x 15mm
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1ml-essential-oil-bottles-4-colors.jpg (79763 bytes)
1ml Purple, Blue, Green or Pink
1" x 3/4"       25mm x 16mm

Jewelry Purchase Freebies
~Free 2ml blue droplet bottle of oil with each 
item of aromatherapy jewelry or car diffuser purchased.

Make your oil choice on the jewelry pages.  


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Oil Purchase Freebies
Free 1 ml roll-on or droplet bottle sample oil 
with each oil purchased. The oil in theses bottles is 
made skin  safe by combining it with a carrier oil.  
1ml is about 20 drops.

Make your oil choice on the essential oil page. 


1ml-purple-roller-ball-essential-oil-bottle.jpg (36446 bytes)
$75 Purchase Freebies
~Free 5ml oil with $75 purchase. 


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$5.00 for a set of 5
Limit 1 set of Sniffies per order
Pure essential oils in colorful 1 ml bottles
Do you just want to know how it smells?
Tiny 1 ml bottles hold about 20 drops 
of pure oil depending on the viscosity 
of the oil. Pure oils are recommended for aromatherapy only unless you mix them with a carrier oil. Limit of one Sniffie per scent.

1ml-essential-oil-bottles-4-colors.jpg (79763 bytes)
1ml Droplet Bottle
Purple, Blue, Green or Pink
1" x 3/4"     25mm x 16mm




Skin Safe 1ml Purple Roll-Ons 
Essential oils & fragrance oils
$5.00 for a set of 5
Limit, 1 set of Rollies per order

Do you want to try it on? Skin safe roll-ons
 contain pure oil combined with a carrier oil. 
The addition of a carrier oil makes it less 
likely that you'll have a skin reaction. If you 
do have a reaction, you can always use it 
on your aromatherapy jewelry.
1ml roll-on bottles contain 
about 10 to 20 applications  depending on the viscosity 
of the oil and how you apply it. Limit of one Rollie per scent.

1ml-purple-roller-ball-essential-oil-bottle.jpg (36446 bytes)



10 Whiffies $5
Available only as a curbside pick-up. This item does not ship.
$5 coupon included!!!!

A Whiffie is just a drop of oil placed on a mini popsicle stick and  packaged in a tiny zipper bag. All scents fade within 24 hours so there is no point in mailing these. Therefore I only offer this service for people who can pick up their order at my home here in La Crosse. The 5 bucks covers the hassle factor of stuffing bags and opening 10 teeny bottles and dabbing them on the cards.  BUT you get a $5 coupon toward your next purchase! Win-win! 

If the Whiffies are an add-on to your order for other products,
 then click the buy now button and follow up with your list of oils in the message box when you check out. Or send me an email. In any event, we need to talk on the phone to arrange a time for you to pick up your whiffies so that they are absolutely fresh when you get here.

If you are only ordering the Whiffies for now,
 then just CALL or TEXT me. 
I simply can't check my email or shopping cart every 5 minutes!    



Discontinued Items
This is where you'll find inexpensive oils to play with.


About Gossamer Wings Fragrance .com


About the Oils
You only get what's on the label. Pure oils are pure, undiluted essential oils 
and contain only the oil or oils listed on the label. I have direct buying relations with the most trustworthy suppliers in the essential oils and fragrance oils industry. My goal is to bring you the best quality oils available regardless of price. If I have to take a smaller mark up on some items to bring you the best and still stay competitive, I can live with that.

Skin Safe Essential Oils
When applied to the skin, essential oils must be combined with a carrier oil to avoid injury. I use exclusively organic jojoba oil or organic liquid coconut oil as a carrier.

Essential oils are all phthalate free.

Organic and Fair Trade
 I offer certified organic and certified fair trade essential oils whenever possible. Certifications can be seen by clicking on the product details links. The USDA organic seal and the QAI seal assures that any of the oils on which those seals appear have been verified as certified organic in compliance with strict US Department of Agriculture regulations.  VegeCert is a non-profit organization that certifies vegan products. It ensures that vegan labeled oils contain no animals or animal by-products in the manufacturing process.  QAI is an accredited certifying agency for organic certification which ensures that any oils labeled as organic are true to that organic labeling claim and assures organic integrity of the product. The Kosher label indicates that as a Kosher facility, the supplier from whom I buy that particular oil complies with a strict policy of ensuring the purity and quality of all its products. I personally do not hold any of these certifications. 

Fragrance Oils 
These fine fragrances conform to International Fragrance Association Standards (IFRA) and are specifically designed for use in cosmetics, lotions, creams and body care products. Synthetically compounded from aroma chemicals, these scents are rich, complex, and long-lasting. Fragrance oils may be blended with essential oils to enhance the scent in your own perfume formulations. All fragrance oils are paraben-free and phthalate-free which makes them safer for you and the environment.



cheri-best-photo.jpg (91084 bytes)

About Cheri
This is what drives me:
 I like things without phony ingredients. 
I avoid preservatives and any additives that I don't understand.
I buy organic whenever possible and within my budget.
I like pretty things. I like to surround myself with color.
I prefer not to be overcharged.
I like getting good deals.
I hate paying for shipping.
I don't like anything that makes me sneeze.
I like staying safe during the Covid situation.
I like knowing what something is going to smell like before I shell out my hard-earned cash.
I like to recycle. If I ship your order, expect recycled Amazon boxes and envelopes!
And I really dislike multi-level marketing schemes.
About the Bottles
All the other essential oil companies use the brown Boston bottles because they protect the oils from UV light (and maybe because they're cheap).  I can't stand them. I need color in my life! I like pretty things! Blue glass offers just about the same protection as amber. So my advice is, don't put your oils on a window sill, don't take them to the beach. Keep 'em in your pocket, purse, cupboard or fridge. Just keep them in a cool  place and out of direct light whenever practical. Taking care of your oils and perfumes is a small price to pay to let a little beauty into your life.
amber-boston-essential-oil-bottle.jpg (20165 bytes)
Free Shipping 
& Curb Side Pick Up Discount
Shipping is Free!
nd if you can  pick up your order and pay cash,
If you are paying cash and picking up your order at my house 
(south side of La Crosse) use the $3 discount below! 
One discount per order please.
Checks and credit cards are welcome, 
but they are not cash and won't qualify for the discount. 


No International Shipping
Until this Covid thing is over, I will not ship anything out of the country. 
I'm tired of Canadian customers asking for refunds because 
their orders are only 2 months overdue! (Picky picky picky!)


Eligible items must be unused and in saleable condition. Because I guarantee the safety and purity of my oils, I canít accept returns on them, used or unused. When in doubt, get samples.

If you want to return an item, call me. Returns will not be accepted without prior authorization. Unsolicited products will not be refunded or returned.

All refunds for the product price are applied to the original method of payment. Original and return shipping costs, associated fees, duties, and taxes will not be refunded. I recommended insuring the return and getting the tracking information.

Please allow 10 business days to process returns.



Pyramid Schemes
Multi-Level Marketing
Members of some essential oil companies earn bonuses and commissions for recruiting other members, paid up to seven levels down. Commissions depend on personal volume, as well as the combined organizational volume for the member's team. Members may need to pay up to $100 a month to stay active in the company to receive their commissions and bonuses.

I guess MLMs have their place. If you like having parties at your home, that can be fun! If you like bugging friends and family to buy and buy and buy from  you so you can meet your monthly goals, then, go for it.

I could go on a major rant about my Tupperware business years ago that netted me a negative $400 by year's end. I still have and use all of the samples  I had to buy in 1986! I love Tupperware but I don't like losing money after months of hard work and wearing out my friends.


It's okay to call me to place your order.
If you're in La Crosse, ask about curb side pick up.