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(All measurements refer to Outside Diameter, O.D.)
The sample below shows both sides of this chain maille. The rings that work the best are my 20 gauge 5mm with 7mm.

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Step by Step

Step 1. Begin by adding 2 5mm rings to a 7mm ring. When I started this weave I found it easier to add each ring one at a time.  But as I got going, I closed some of the 5mm rings and added them to the 7mm rings and the center 5mm rings. If you find that your rings aren't laying correctly, before you add the next ring(s), you can flip the 7mm rings and/or the center 5mm rings, to get them to lay properly. 


Step 2. Now add a 5mm ring to the 2 5mm rings. In the sample above these are all done in black, but for the instructions this one is in silver so you can see the ring path better.

Step 3. Now you're going to add 2 more 5mm rings. Make sure you take note of how these rings lay, otherwise the weave won't work right. They form a little "cup" when completed.


Step 4. Take a 7mm ring and pass through the 2 5mm rings as shown. That's it. One corduroy unit is complete. Continue from step 1 by adding the next 2 5mm rings until you have the desired length. 


Here is what a few units put together will look like.


Staggered Corduroy Weave


Begin with a length of corduroy weave.

Step 1. Add a 5mm ring to the top and bottom 5mm rings that are connected to the 7mm rings, like the ones shown in red. You can do this all the way across the length of your work or 2 at a time. Make sure these rings are inside of the 7mm rings.

Step 2. Now you are going to connect the 5mm rings added in step 1 with a 7mm ring as shown. Continue steps 1 and 2 across the length of your work.


Expanding this weave.

To add a second row, use the bottom 5mm rings of your first row, add the center 5mm ring. Then add 2 more 5mm rings. I did this step completely across my work, then came back and added the 7mm rings. These will overlap slightly. This works both horizontally and vertically.


Here is a sample showing both sides.


Alternating Corduroy Weave

This is pretty self explanatory, just alternate the 5mm rings as you go along; one set up, then next set down and so on.

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