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(All measurements refer to Outside Diameter, O.D.)
European 4-1
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This pattern can be made with 5mm 20g rings. If you experiment a bit, you'll find that other sizes would work too.  18g. 6mm rings should work.

1. Place 4 closed rings onto 1 open ring and lay them out as shown.

2. Take 1 open ring (green), and go through the 2 rings (red) of step 1. Place 2 closed rings on the open ring, then close the open ring.

Continue adding rings as you did in step 2 until the desired length is reached. 

To add rings vertically, place 1 open ring (green) as shown, and add 2 closed rings. 

To continue that row, add 1 open through the 3 rings as shown, then place 1 closed ring and continue across. Notice that you are adding 2 rows at a time.


Sample of earrings made with this stitch

To make a pair of earrings shown above, you will need 68 6mm rings and a pair of ear wires. E-mail for prices and styles of earwires.

You will need 6 rings on the top, 7 in the middle, and 6 on the bottom. To add that 7th ring in the middle, just do the first part of step 2, but don't add the closed rings. Attach the top 6 rings to another 6mm ring, you can also add your ear wire at this point. Now you will need to work a vertical decrease.

You will only add 1 closed ring to the first open ring. Continue across, adding 1 closed ring to each open ring. When you add your last open ring, DO NOT add a closed ring. So, if you are doing the first row, which is the bottom 6 rings, you will add 5 open rings across, and should have 4 closed rings added to those. For the next row, you will add 3 open rings, with 2 closed rings. Then add your last single ring, and you're done.

Here are some more patterns for earrings.


Samples of jewelry made with this stitch

These were made with silver plated 4mm rings and use a European 4-1 decrease. I don't suggest using the enameled copper rings, unless you use a larger size.

These were made with 6mm rings and use a European 4-1 decrease.

These were made with 6mm rings and I added some 5/0 triangle beads

This bracelet was made with 4mm rings and a simple toggle clasp. To complete a 7" bracelet you would need 300-350 4mm rings. This could also be made with the larger 6mm rings for a more lacey look.  Beads could be added. The plated 4mm rings worked great for this bracelet, but when I tried using the enameled copper 4mm rings, they didn't. The color kept chipping off as I tried to get the rings closed. So, I would suggest using larger rings.


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